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Are you really making the Right Choice?

Published: 02/11/2011 by Guy Miller

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Are you really making the Right Choice? 

  If you feel comfortable that a Contractor has given you an intelligent accounting for his or her numbers then you should be very, very leery of Bids that are substantially less, even though they are alluring.  Do not focus on what you think it should cost as a novice as many of us have been doing this for years to tell you that in a good way. That is why you asked us to come! Be Careful, even when you find Contractors from what you believe to be the same reliable source. We pay money to be on most all of these consumer driven sites.  Motive is everything in this business. Trying to sell every job by underpaying your people and underbidding the Industry is no way to have real sustainability and respect for what it really takes for the “Worker Bees” to accomplish what is often a difficult task in a good way. It should absolutely be known to consumers that some groups of Painters work with Contractors that present themselves in a professional way, with great websites, great testimonials ect. but feel like they can go nowhere else, their trapped, where else will we go? And accept whatever is thrown their way in regards to pay. This is the very reason good work results in many of these cases exist for certain & even long time periods & good testimonials have come forth, but these workers are most often being taken advantage of. These type of Contractors are of the worse breed and they have all sorts of reasons & stories as to why they are “cheaper” than everyone else. Most of it is nonsense. It just really comes down to Motive- I want to sell every job no matter who pays the price later.  Trust me, they cannot & will not survive such behavior long term. Bottom Line, even though you might be impressed with such presentations , DOES THE BID MAKE REAL SENSE FOR WHAT YOU ARE ASKING TO BE DONE COMPARED TO OTHERS? WHY IS THAT CONTRACTOR 1/2 or 1/3rd the difference of so many others? This is a big time red flag. Do you really believe a quality Contractor can survive being twice to 1/3rd as wrong all the time?


    The Industry unfortunately revolves around allot of fear and self proclaimed grand standing “Rated highest this or that……”  Work with Contractors who are not fearful & portray who they are in a real way. Try to source out the Clear Leaders in the Market that base their business on practical and market driven business models that are designed in the spirit of fairness to all people involved in the Process of completing a Paint Project Successfully in your behalf.  If you do so, you will find a long term relationship with a contractor who will deliver what you seek.