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Hard Bids vs. Time and Materials

Published: 02/08/2011 by Guy Miller in Home Improvements

This article discusses the basic difference between what most Paint Bids are which is a "Hard Bid" where price is understood up front vs. for what & when Time & Materials would be appropriate.

There are many factors that will affect the overall life of an Exterior Paint Project. This article will examine the most important and assist in building a consumer's approppriate expecations in that regard.

Many Consumers when they have a concern assume the worse and will often not give a contractor a chance to attend or respond to their need before jumping to conclusions that might be pre-mature. Fair Communication and working in harmony is the focus.

Reviews the benefits to hiring a PDCA ( Painter Decorator Contractor of America) Painter vs. those who are not. Homeowners and Business's alike have a great resource at this fingertips with this pool of contractors who care more than most.

It has always been important to Stellar to help consumers make a good educated buying decision. THis is just one of many that we have written that do that.

Guiding you to the right color!

Published: 02/22/2011 by Guy Miller in Home Improvements

Need some guidance with Color? Here it is!

Thisi article examines what are some of ths issues confronted by most with their particular stucco system and what are the best remodies and coating solutions for these same systems.

Know when to Paint the Exterior of your Home, be careful with certain promises of life and warranty and better be able to differentiate one Exterior Bd from another is the point of this helpful article.

Any Two Companies Really the Same?

Published: 05/05/2009 by Guy Miller in Home Improvements

Consumers will often convince themsleves that two Companies are really the same as the service they provide is the same and not really educate themslevs as to what might seperate one from another and thus be a better investment for their need.

What makes for a Good Painting Estimate?

Published: 02/14/2011 by Guy Miller in Home Improvements

When reviewing several Estimates for a Service, how do you really know that you have recieved a viable estimate that properly accounts for the requested work.

There are many challenges and obstacles that a Contractors faces when looking to provide an acceptable final finish to a deck restaining project. This article examines the Do's & Don'ts in that regard and what consumer expactations should really be.

Painting is not a Commodity

Published: 04/02/2009 by Guy Miller in Home Improvements

Treating Service Companies as a commodity like buying a dishwasher or a Fridge is a common mistake made by many consumers that assume that since the service they seek is the same then most Companies must deliever it pretty much alike. Just not so!

Beware of the allure of the Low Bid!

Published: 02/07/2011 by Guy Miller in Home Improvements

This article exaimines the human instinct to be attracted to and often accept the lowest bid from a service provider and what factors should be considered before such a decison is ultimately made.

Are you really making the Right Choice?

Published: 02/11/2011 by Guy Miller in Home Improvements

Once all those Bids are gathered, maybe a little help to make that right choice might be in order? Here it is!

Found 14 records

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