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Guiding you to the right color!

Published: 02/22/2011 by Guy Miller

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Interior Painting Contractors & Guiding You to the Right Color

        Painting is a great way to discover a new look and a fresh feel about your home or place of business.

Changing color or updating the look of where you live or work can improve your sense of comfort, happiness and improve moral professionally.

Certain colors do certain things to set mood and atmosphere. Let’s look at some of the most popular colors:

Red- Is energy& creates excitement particularly in the evening. In dining room or Living Room it can draw people together & stimulate conversation.

Yellow- Is Joy and Happiness. Good for Kitchens, Dining Rooms & Bathrooms. Be careful using it as a Main field color as  it can create a feeling of frustration & anger.

Blue- Brings down blood pressure and slows the heart rate & respiration. Recommended for Bedrooms for & Bathrooms because it is refreshing, secure and calming.  It can also give a room a chilly feel.

Green- is restful, calming & is suitable for most any home or office. It is a color that encourages unwinding and togetherness.

Purple- is rich, dramatic, and sophisticated. It is popular in Bedrooms because it is associated with Luxury and creativity.

Orange is excitement,  enthusiasm , and energetic. Not great for a Living Room or Bedroom. Great for an exercise room.

Black-  is often added for really livening up any room.  Popular for Theatre Rooms and Art Niches.

  In order to understand Color, one should become acclimated with some of the vocabulary used when attempting to match a considered color with its environment of choice.

Here are some of those Terms and concepts to understand:


 Purest & brightest form of Colors. These are the full Spectrum of Colors which progress around a Color Wheel.  These Colors are again very bold and are popular with  in your face type marketing campaigns for example.


Sometimes called Pastel.  It is simply any Color with White added in.  These Colors are soft, youthful and soothing.


These are any Color with Black added in. They are deep, powerful & Mysterious.


These are colors that are “Grayed Down” by adding both White and Black. These Colors are Subtle & Sophisticated.

 Selecting a color is meant to be fun and I hope by educating you on some basic concepts in that regard we have succeeded in getting you the right color for the right room.