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Stone & Grout Care, Sealing & Maintenance

Published: 03/11/2011 by Amber C

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Ceramic tile and natural stone is one of the most abused and overlooked floor and wall surfacs in the home simply because of the care involved in cleaning it. No one is anxious to relive the terrible memories of scrubbing each tile and grout lines for hours with a small brush and of using those irritating, harsh, and unsafe chemicals. Most of us would rather do just about anything else. So, we forgo regular maintenance. The good news is Nesheim's can take care of your maintenance using only green, earth friendly, high quality Stone Tech certified cleaning agents.


Stone is absorbent, although we usually think of stone as "hard", it is a porous material. Natural stone has different levels of porosity depending on the type of stone you have. If left unsealed, spills and everday messes can easily penetrate the surface. A good impregnator sealer, depending on use, would last on average, two plus years. A good test is to put a drop off water on your stone and check it in one hour. If the water droplet has been absorbed into you hard surface, it is time to reapply sealer. Hightly acidic substances such as orange juice, coffee, and wine will also etch acid sensitive stones and leave a dull mark. Acid-resistant stones such as granite, slate and sandstone will not etch.


Nesheim's skillfully accomplishes the proper cleaning of your hard surfaces. Heating purified water to over 230 degrees, we then inject cleaning solution under 800 plus pounds of pressure utilizing very specific tools and attachments. The cleaning results are dramatically professional. Whether your tile is in your kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else in your home, the embedded soil and bacteria are removed with our extensive eight step process. Your tile or stone and grout will be restored to it's original condition. At Nesheim's we are very committed to helping you keep you home healthy, clean, and always looking beautiful.