Why We're Better!


At the heart of ReferralList.com is Tom Martino – who for more than 30-years has been, beyond question, the most vocal, visible and effective consumer advocate in Colorado and one of the best in the country.

He has recovered for consumers more money, more products, more services and has gotten more results than any law firm, media outlet, personality or anyother so-called advocates that have attempted to duplicate his efforts.

Since the establishment of the original and first referral list of it’s kind, there have been other attempts to copy his model.

Here is where we excel:

• Tom Martino is a consumer advocate, not simply a “personality”. His entire career has been one of consumer advocacy. He has been working for more than 30-years advising people on purchases, business deals and investments. He has also been exposing liars, cheats and rip-offs and promoting good businesses.

• He is knowledgeable in all areas of consumer law, business, finance, economics and consumer issues. In addition to his extensive experience helping consumers, he also has personal business experience in telecommunications, real estate development and other businesses. His own successes and failures in business make him uniquely qualified to help others.

• He did not just start a “list” and hope for the best. He uses his extensive experience and knowledge to provide the best and most reliable referral service in the country.

• One of the hallmarks of ReferaList.com is his ability to enforce a strict code of ethics and give consumer recourse if they experience problems.

• Tom does not just refer problems to consumer and governmental agencies but directly takes them on. He is the only consumer advocate with daily radio and television shows where he can expose substandard business practices, including members of his own list. This is a powerful weapon to use in his fight to bring you the best sponsors have to offer.

• Our background investigations are extensive, including but not limited to the following:

  • Secretary of State for necessary business documentation
  • Regulatory Agencies for necessary and required licensing
  • Social Security Number verification, Sex Offender Registries, Colorado Courts for criminal and civil cases and judgments, Criminal Database, Credit History, Also checks with suppliers, industry leaders, authorities, officials, colleagues. past customers and personal references.

NOTE: All background checks are done annually.

Why use Tom Martino’s Referral List with confidence? Because you have recourse. Ask yourself if any other so-called “safe” list provides an avenue for complaints, public exposure of complaints and an advocate who personally works to resolve your problems – on the air if necessary?

The answer is none. Except Tom Martino’s ReferraList.com!