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Is your car, truck, or RV having a transmission or transfer case problem? Does it slip, grind, leak, or otherwise go bump in the night? From new seals, to fluid and filter service, or complete rebuild.
If you can drive it, we can keep it running.


A Affordable Transmission Centers is a group of premium Automotive Transmission Repair Specialists. A Advanced Level Specialist, aimed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, while delivering quality repair services at reasonable prices. We always Inspect the vehicle at no charge. Written estimates and up front pricing are provided before any work is performed. No hassle or obligation if repairs are not performed. A Affordable Transmission Centers will do what it takes to earn your business.

A proper diagnosis of your transmission not only gets rid of your problems, but also saves you a lot of money in the long run. For a better understanding of the possible signs associated with a failed transmission here is some useful information that might indicate that is time to take your car to a mechanic for inspection: 

  • Slippage: This occurs when your vehicle speeds up, but the vehicle doesn't respond to it. 
  • Rough Shifting: Abrupt shifting between gears. 
  • Irregular Shifting: Unpredictable shifts while driving. 
  • Stains: heavy stains under the vehicle. 
  • Sounds: Heavy sounds or vibrations of any type. 
  • "Check Engine" Light: A lit light on the vehicle's dashboard.

Hours of work

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 5:30pm
Phones answered 7 days a week


(303) 761-8111
19220 E Main Street
CO - 80134

(303) 973-4399
9719 W Coalmine Ave
CO - 80123

(303) 343-4583
15551 E 6th Ave
CO - 80011

(303) 650-8126
780 W 84th Ave
CO - 80261

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Al Trujillo from aurora, co

I found this shop on the referral list. I am a mechanic myself and hate taking anything to a shop. I don't really do much with transmissions either. So I called on a Friday July 3rd. I wasn't expecting to get anybody or them being open and they actually answered and were open. Explain to them the situation. They told me they could diagnose it for me and it was going to take 2-4 hours. I told him I had to wait with it since I didn't have a ride. He told me he could see what he could do and would call me back. When he called back he told me they could look at it right away and they would try and have me out of there in 2 hours. Sounded great to me. So I headed over to the shop. When I got there I met Dan. He took my truck for a drive and when he came back he told me the catalytic convertor was plugged. I figured he was going to come back and say it needed a rebuild and it was going to cost a fortune. It took it home and replaced the Cat and its been running great. Glad they told me the truth and didn't just try to make a buck.

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Top notch

Herb Stimmel from Thornton

Had a transmission rebuilt on my 1999 F-150 and they did a tremendous job. Fair price and Devin could not be more helpful. I was so pleased I brought an older truck in for a shift indicator that did not work. I couldn't find anyone who wanted to touch fixing it for less than 600.00. They fixed it and fixed it right for a mere 135.00. Fair, honest and really good at what they do. A customer for life as long as the service is like this.

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Incredible service.

Kevin Newton from Parker, CO

I felt like this is a place I can trust. Came in at the quoted cost. $200 cheaper than the next bid up. In the end, they made a $400 error and still honored the original quote.