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Excel Roofing has been a member of Tom Martino 's Referral List since day one.
Excel Roofing strives to install the best roof to suit our customers' needs at a fair price.

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Excel Roofing is one of the charter companies to be listed on troubleshooter.com. Excel Roofing specializes in residential roof replacement.

Excel installs asphalt shingles, concrete tile and cedar shakes. Excel Roofing assigns a Project Manager to every customer. The Project Manager will be your roof consultant who will make recommendations about the best material for your project. He will estimate, manage the job during construction, and see the project through to the end to ensure your satisfaction.

Excel has been on Tom Martino’s referral list since day one, and was the first Colorado Roofing company. Excel has installed and/or repaired many roofs “pro bono” for people who have been ripped off. When Tom Martino needed a roof and gutters on his house, he called trusted roofing specialists, Excel Roofing. You should too!

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Eileen Robinson from Littleton, CO

I spoke with Marguerite of Excel on Tom Martino's Help Line today, August 26, because of potential hail damage of my roof. Excel sent out Bob Joyce to take a look, and fortunately, there was no hail damage. He suggested I cancel my claim, which I did. Otherwise, my insurance company was sending out a claims adjuster, and it would have gone on my record. Thank you so much for your honesty and advice. Wonderful company!!

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Great Service

Us from Denver CO

Eric was terrific, gave a great quote and provided great service. End product and clean up was professional and as quoted. Overall wonderful experience.

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Laura from N/A

We are so happy that a neighbor recommended Excel Roofing. We live west of Niwot, and the previous owners of our house had a complete roof installed with another local company. I noticed soft spots in our roof and was very concerned. I called Excel, and our project manager, Paul Donaghey, called to schedule an appointment to inspect the roof for us. Paul arrived promptly at his scheduled appointment time and explained what needed to be done. Turns out, the other roofing company had not even installed true roof vents. The type of vents they installed were smashed flush against the shingles so no air was able to circulate anyway. We also talked to him about the two commercial sized power vents on the roof, one of which was inoperable. He suggested replacing with solar powered vents. As our HVAC contractor had already told us that we wouldn't be able to replace the motor in the other one when it failed, the solar units would be a great solution. Paul worked incredibly hard to schedule us around numerous rain storms. He called me to discuss possible weather delays but as soon as we had a sunny day, the whole crew, and Paul, were here to take care of the work. Also mentioned to Paul that one of our rooms, which has a skylight, gets really hot in the summer. He suggested a vented, solar powered skylight as an alternative for ventilation. Looking forward to getting that installed when they have their next opening.

We are so pleased with their work. The crew was polite, courteous, and didn't leave any debris behind. Paul was better than we could have hoped for. Highly recommend Excel. We will use them for any and all roofing work.