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We exist for retirees or soon-to-be-retirees, and their families, whose number one concern is safety and steady growth of their retirement portfolio. Some of our solutions guarantee financial security to our clients during their retirement.


 We exist for retirees or soon-to-be-retirees, and their families, whose number one concern is safety and steady growth of their retirement portfolio. At Layman Lewis Financial Group we believe that honesty, a legitimate concern for the happiness of our clients, professional knowledge, and personal relationships are the key to growing an ethical and successful business.

Layman Lewis Financial Group is the premier retirement planning company serving northern Colorado assisting with Insurance, Retirement, portfolio management and IRA's. We provide our clients with peace of mind during their retirement and we equip them with tools to secure their financial futures.

Layman Lewis Financial Group takes a comprehensive approach to retirement planning and could give you the security and flexibility you need to develop a customized retirement portfolio.Every person is different, which is why our solutions vary greatly. It all depends on what each individual client is looking for. 

Chuck Layman and Alicia Layman Lewis are licensed insurance agents in the state of Colorado. They do not offer investment advice. Joshua Lewis is an investment advisor representative with Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

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We appreciate his kindness,and friendship.

Marian Paul from N/A

"Tom and I immediately liked Chuck. We had some investments when we moved here in 1989 and when our advisor moved on, the person who took his place took advantage of our money. When Chuck received notice of this, he called us in and talked to us in plain language as to what had exactly happened with this other person. Chuck is not a person who will take advantage of anyone, he is here to help. He spoke plainly to us so we could understand what we almost lost. When Tom passed away in 2005, Chuck was there with sympathy. In time, he was able to help me continue to invest what we had almost lost. I appreciate his kindness, his help, his friendship and he always returns my calls when I have a question. On behalf of my daughters, Connie and Lorrie, and myself, we really appreciate you Chuck. Thanks for all your help!"

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The best financial decision I ever made.

Bob and Della Smith from N/A

"I met Chuck about 30 years ago, and I met Alicia about two years ago. The best financial decision I ever made was to have Chuck invest our money for us. Chuck is honest and up front with you. Thank you Chuck and Alicia for everything you have done for us."

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Every Retiree and Hopeful One

Bud & Kay Fletcher from N/A

As a Client of Chuck Layman for the past five years, my wife & I would like to state our feelings:
Five years of Relief from Financial Concerns.
Five years of personal support financially.Having our BEST year in 2008. (We didn’t lose ANY money!)\"