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Specializing in New Home Purchases, Refinances, Debt Consolidation Loans, Jumbo Loans, Home Equity Lines Of Credit, First Time Homebuyer Programs, FHA, and VA Loans.

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    Gus did an awesome job!

    Luke Mund from Lakewood

    Gus did a refi with me 4 years ago and then this year did a new home purchase. Gus did an awesome job every step of the way. He explained each piece and tried his best to get us the best financing available. Gus returned calls and emails very quickly and always had time for me. I would recommend him to all my friends and family!

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    Sincere Thanks

    John Leutheuser from Frederick, Colorado

    Gus helped us with a loan when our bank of 40 years wasn't there for us!!! He was there every step of the way.

    Great person to deal with!


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    Professional with Integrity

    Tram Kramer from Denver, CO

    Gus has helped me with two loans, and I could not have gotten rates or service. However, it's Gus' willingness to help out with his knowledge of real estate even when he's not being paid that makes me want to give him business whenever I can. Gus is a business man with greath depth of knowledge and experience but also possesses amazing honesty and integrity!

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    Great Job!

    Justin Wyatt from Denver

    Great company and made my refi painless. Thanks!

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    Tony from Arvada

    Gus made my refi quick,easy and hassle free!

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    There is no easier way to get mortgage financing.

    cthaw from N/A

    There is no easier way to get mortgage financing. Gus Wakat is a true professional with many years experience, that shows. I did not concern myself with rates, as his were always quoted as low as I could find anywhere. Go to Gus is my opinion.

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    Outstanding & Professional

    Deanne Terrell from Anchorage, AK

    I have finance or refinanced homes for several years. Being out of state make the process more difficult, BUT with Home Equity Mortgage it was easy. My agent was knowledgeable and arranged a mortgage for me that fit my needs perfectly. I highly recommend this company.

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    Outstanding Service, Quality and Performance

    Jim Laniewicz from Denver, CO

    Jim Laniewicz from Denver
    I’ve worked with many financial institutions over the past 35 years, buying, selling and refinancing properties but none have compared to the experience and service delivered from Gus Wakat of Home Equity Mortgage. Gus is thoroughly experienced in this business and demonstrated that with ease with the recent refinance of my current primary residence. From advising me of options (some of which I did not know existed) through completing the application, all the way through the closing. Every step of the process went smoothly, well-informed, quickly and hassle-free. Gus’ approach is professional but understands the person and that I haven’t seen in all the financial/re-fi’s I’ve been through. Most importantly, Gus was also able to find the most competitive rate, anywhere. I had shopped around as I embarked on my refinance; large banks, well established financial firms, but I can’t even compare them to the referral I received for Gus. I hope these words do the same for anyone looking to refinance or establish a home loan.
    Without reservation, I recommend Gus for your home financing needs!

    Jim Laniewicz

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    Gus Waket Top Notch Lender!

    Mark Seferian from N/A

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    I would like to recommend Gus Wakat to anyone that is serious
    about getting a loan for a new home or refinance. The unfortunate
    fact is that banks at this time in our history have very little incentive to
    lend money and are operating from a hyper conservative
    perspective in regards to making loans. I personally had everything
    going in my favor when I went to purchase a new home that
    required a jumbo loan in November, perfect credit, exceptional
    history, extra money in reserve, etc. Even with everything in my favor
    I found that getting the loan required having an expert on your team
    with lots of knowledge and resources at their disposal. Gus Wakat
    was that person for me, and his hard work and patience was the
    main factor that I was able to get my loan completed. The banks
    required multiple rounds of reviews with different departments who
    all had different types of questions and requests. Gus was able to
    help us navigate this complexity and get our loan completed in time
    for the closing

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    Eva Czastkiewicz from N/A

    Recently, I was looking to refinance my home equity loan. I
    found Gus via a Tom Martino recommendation list, and
    decided to go for it. Gus was so very helpful; he answered
    all of our questions and definitely went above and beyond
    any other banking-related service professional we have ever
    come into contact with. This is actually the first time I have
    ever written any type of testimonial in praise of a service but
    Gus was so exceptional he deserves it.
    Gus made the loan process simple to understand and
    painless while keeping a very positive, helpful attitude. I
    would highly recommend Gus to anyone.