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    Good result

    Maurice from Aurora, CO

    Shane came out to clean 2 rooms and a flight of stairs. The carpet came out clean and dried within 4-6 hours (with the windows open and fan on.). Shane was nice and completed the work in about 2.5 hours. There was no smell afterwards like I've experienced in the past.

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    Great cleaning

    Stephen Pegler from Thornton, CO

    After nearly a month, the carpet still looks great. The carpet dried quickly. The carpet looks nearly new (it's about 15 years old). Not only does the carpet look new, it feels new under our feet as well. We will definitely call him back. I didn't feel that his prices were unreasonable, especially now that we have seen the high quality of results.

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    mary hays from littleton colorado

    Sean did an amazing job cleaning stairs, carpet, sofa, and area rugs.
    His price was very fair and lower than some others on the referral list. We had no stretching of our 19 year old carpeting. 3 years ago our carpet was cleaned by another company and we had to have it stretched. Very, very pleased!

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    Doug from Castle Rock, CO

    I had King Organic clean the tile in a bathroom at my office. The previous tenant left it filthy. The bathroom tiles looks great.
    Also they have cleaned the carpets in my home. The carpets look great every time.

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    Kayla from Denver, CO

    I decided to use King Organic because of the cleaner they use. They can tell you the ingredients from memory. It had no odor but my house smelled clean after they finished. The carpets looked so good. They got all the spots out and the traffic areas were clean. When the carpets dried, they were soft and bright. Im so glad that there is a organic company providing a really safe cleaning product and able to provide a outstanding cleaning result. Also the customer service was exceptional.

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    Mercedes from Denver, CO

    I just recently moved in to a new home. I could not figure out what has been making me sick. I learned that the new carpet could be causing the problems. I searched and found King Organic Carpet Care. After they came out and cleaned the carpets, my issues went away. Now I believe using safe cleaning product is very important. Thanks for providing a non toxic service.

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    Jared from Greenwood Village, CO

    King Organic did a great job cleaning my carpets, mattresses and tile. I am extremely happy with there prompt professional quality.

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    Peter and Julie from Aurora, CO

    Shane was highly recommend to me. I now understand why. He came out to clean an area that ink had spilt from my printer. I personally worked on it with little success. I was doubtful that even he could get it out because of the volume of ink spilt. He spent several hours and removed 99% of the ink. My friend that recommended Shane has 3 kids and a dog. Now I know how he keeps his carpets looking so new. I look forward to using him in the future and I will highly recommend him.

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    Valerie from Aurora, CO

    My husband and I talked about replacing out carpets. We decided to clean them one more time and replace them next year. We found King Organic and read their testimonials. They came out and cleaned them. The carpets look so good that we will not be replacing them anytime soon. They told us that the carpet has a lot of years left, just clean them every year. The carpets look better with their cleaning than previous companies we have used.

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    Jeff from N/A

    Excellent service and clean carpets is what you'll get when using King Organic. They take their time to make sure it is done right. I watched them spend extra time on my family room which was very dirty. They had to treat this room twice to get it clean. It looks great! I will not consider using anyone else. I'll make sure I clean the carpets sooner.

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    Debbie from N/A

    I have been using Shane to clean my carpet the past 3 or 4 years. He has done an exceptional job every time. He also cleaned my furniture and tile.

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    Julie from Denver, CO

    Hi Shane-- thanks for doing a great job on our carpets. We will need to clean our condo carpets too after we do some repairs (we plan to rent it out), so we will be in touch!

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    Worth Every Penny!

    lady clean freek from aurora, co

    Worth Every Penny! King Organic did a great Job cleaning my mattress, couch, and carpets. My experience was great and I am happy to refer King Organic to my friends. Guy arrived in a truck with their name King Organic in big letters on the truck. Impressive, colorful logo you can see it from far away.They were prompt and on time. King organics guy was clean and neat. Not intimidating being a single woman. Guy friendly and professional. Guy took a little longer then expected and i am happy he took the time to get everything looking great. Got spots out that weren't expected to come out. King organic was particular in my cleaning, working hard to make it beautiful for me. Guy used equipment in the cleaning that cleaned really well. Carpet dried quickly. When I got the bill it was the price I was expecting no wish wash no price increase. I am glad i choose King Organic, customer service and quality was outstanding. No regrets in my decision to use King Organic. Will definitely use them again in the future. Worth every penny for sure.

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    Loyal customer since 2008

    Ryan from Parker, CO

    I started having Shane come to the house five years ago and have always been very satisfied. Once, I used a Groupon for another carpet cleaning service and had to call Shane back the next week because there is no comparison with the quality of service. He has cleaned just about everything in my house including oriental rugs, furniture and mattresses.

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    Just amazed and so impressed!!!

    Rachel from Aurora,co

    I have been using king organic for years and I am always so impressed. My carpets always look beautiful every time they clean for me. They get spots and dirt out that I think will be a permanent. They cleaned for my friend that had not cleaned her carpet in 9 years. I was amazed at just how beautiful the carpet looked, what a transformation. I shouldn't be amazed of how great everything looks because this is a great company. Can't say enough about king organic. Just use them they can't be beat!!!

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    The best I'''ve seen!

    Wayne Carrel from Centennial

    Shane has cleaned carpets and furniture for me several times. As long as Shane can do it, I wouldn't even consider using anyone else. I am surprised and delighted every time with his work.

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    Royal Service!

    C.j. Dagenais from Denver area, Colorado

    Experience and service you can trust - King Organic made me feel like royalty with the level of service they provided - very professional and would happily use them again!

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    Carpets still look amazing

    Wesley from CO

    Carpets still look amazing. Thank you shane
    Pros: carpets look new
    Cons: none

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    Impressed! !

    Wilma from CO

    Clean, clean, clean is what I received when I used King Organic Carpet Care. My carpets are plush, fluffy and look new. Even gave me booties while it dries. Impressed! !

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    Wish there were more companies like Shane's

    Lee from CO

    I used Shane last year and was so impressed with the cleaning. I used him again and received the same cleaning again. Wish there were more companies like Shane's

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    No chemical odor

    Dorothy M from CO

    Over the years I have never had a better cleaning than with King Organic. You did an excellent job. Thank you. I will be calling you again.
    Pros: no chemical odor, affordably priced.
    Cons: none

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    Thank you for a fantastic cleaning!!

    Samantha W from CO

    Thank you for a fantastic cleaning!! The carpets look GREAT! I couldn't be happier.
    Pros: carpets look new
    Cons: none

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    Highly recommended

    monavie from CO

    Shane came into our home and exceeded our expectations. Our carpets looked brand new. He was able to get spots out that other cleaning companies could not with past cleanings. The carpets were dry in just a few hours. I am chemically sensitive and I did not have any problems.
    Pros:Safe cleaning products. Best cleaning ever!

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    King Organic is awesome!

    jenarie from CO

    Shane came and cleaned carpet in our family room that we were ready to tear out. He was honest up front about what kind of results I could expect. He did an amazing job! We are so happy with the job he did and are glad to be able to put off the expense of new floors for a bit longer. He is very thorough and spent two and a half hours on one room! I have had the carpet in my entire house cleaned by other companies in half that time. Forget about the companies that charge $119 for your whole house. You get what you pay for and King Organic is definitely worth the money!
    Pros:All natural, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products! Very important to me. Honest and thorough.
    Cons:Probably not affordable for some people.

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    Excellent and professional

    aockiya from CO

    I want to thank Shane for coming to cleaning our carpet. Shane's work was so professional that I wish I could call him for every handy work in my house. Shane has an excellent outlook about his work and cared about our carpet as if it was his own. Our carpet was like brand new after he cleaned it. I wish he has more business relating to house repairs. This is one man you can trust if he said he could do a job for you. If you need your carpet cleaned, call Shane at King Organic
    Pros:Excellent and Professional is all I can say

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    Excellent Job; Great Service

    flanagan2k from CO

    Shane King has an excellent product and knows his business. The scheduling was prompt, the appointment on time, the work was superior. The organic product dries quickly and has no residual chemical smell. Two weeks later they still look great. With other companies certain stains had a tendency to reappear. Not a problem with King Organic's work. The carpets never looked better. This is no small feat in our house with multiple cats, dogs, and teenagers. Not the least expensive service we priced, but the value for the price is very high. We feel strongly that we got what we paid for.
    Pros:Exceeded my expectations on quality, service, and schedule.
    Cons:None for us!

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    Thrilled with my Carpet

    cgottino from CO

    We were planning on getting new carpet because ours had so many stains and heavy traffic soil. We have had stanley Steamer out 2 times and the stains just come back after a few days. We thought why not try and clean it one more time. We called KING and our CARPET LOOKS BRAND NEW!!!. I waited a couple of weeks before writing this just to make sure the stains did not come back. THEY DID NOT! THIS GUY IS AWESOME! I'm so glad we found him.
    Pros:Comes out to do an estimate. Takes his time and explains everything he will be doing. Does not cut any corners. Stains don't come back. He said even if they do, to call him and he'd come back

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    princey1 from CO

    I called Shane King in response to the testimonials that I saw on Tom Martino's Trouble Shooter page. He was very professional and very nice. He asked if I wanted him to come out and give me an estimate to clean my carpets. Of course I did. My carpet is at least 30 years old. Shane said that he could make them look younger and he really did. It has been over three weeks not and my carpet still looks great. Still smells fresh and I don't see the original spots. My neighbor came over as he was pre-spotting and she liked the attention that he was giving my carpets. She scheduled a cleaning for the next week and she is very happy as well. I highly recommend King.
    Pros:He was professional and efficient.

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    Still thrilled!!

    bethy from CO

    Shane has been cleaning for us for 13 years. He has always done a great job. Shane told me that he still continues to impove how he cleans. This must be true because this time it was better than the last time. It has been two years since my last cleaning. I want to let you know my friends carpets are much newer, but mine still look better. USE KING ORGANIC AND NO ONE ELSE!!!
    Pros:Always impoving. We wont use anyone else.

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    tramirez62 from CO

    Shane came out on Saturday, 8-2-09 to clean our carpets. He did a wonderful job. The carpets look like it did when we first purchased it. He is very thorough and took his time. Well worth the price. Highly recommend King Organic Carpet Care.
    Pros:Very meticulous about his work.

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    We have Clean Carpet

    sdebevec from CO

    Totally awsome job. I waited a month to write my testimonial to ensure the bad areas didn't reappear. I'm amazed at the finished product. We have found the carpet cleaner we plan to use the rest of our lives. We have off- white carpet that had visible paths from the entry way to the kitchen, and down the hall into each room. Other carpet cleaners were never able to erase the paths effectively, but King did it for us. He worked long and hard to do it, but it sure was worth his efforts. One thing I recommend is that you have him do his vacuuming first to remove any loose dirt. Thank you King for a job well done. We'll be calling again.
    Pros:Lived up to all his testimonials. Excellent quality, service, and met all schedules.

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    Pet odor expert

    Thomas from CO

    We have several dogs that had been causing problems. By the time we realize the issue, the odor was bad. I called king organic because of his testmonials. He removed the odor and the staining. I was so impressed that I had him return to clean the rest of my house. It looks new. He also cleaned my tile floor. Same result-AWESOME!! Thanks Shane
    Pros:Same as everyone is saying

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    This Guy is Good

    tbooki from CO

    We had Shane come and clean the worst part of our carpet.. wow what a job!!! After several weeks these carpets are still very clean. I would recomend Shane for all of your needs..
    Pros:Fast efficient..professional

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    Great service

    draco3 from CO

    I moved in to an apartment that the landlord had stated the carpet was professionally cleaned. to me it did not look very clean. i hired king organic to re-clean for me. when he was done you could totally tell the difference from before and after. it was so noticeable that the landlord is now wanting to hire them.
    Pros:there was no more odor. shane was very professional, and made sure all my concerns were met. and the price was right.
    Cons:i have no cons. i am very happy with his work

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    Great carpet cleaning and professional business

    gailsiegel from CO

    We had Shane and King Organic Carpet Care clean our carpets in a HEAVILY used business. You could see where people walked in between the asles and I was doubtful if anyone could really clean the carpet well. Shane did! And he returned to take care of a small problem with no questions asked. Great Service, knowledgeable staff and wonderful to do business with.
    Pros:Organic (of utmost import to us), no smell, clean, clean clean!
    Cons:Not a one

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    GREAT JOB!!!

    jack134 from CO

    Carpets, sofa and Oriental rugs look great. I highly recommend them. The best on the referral list.
    Pros:Excellent service

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    The carpets still look great

    GailM from CO

    I had my carpets cleaned 5 months ago. . When other companies have cleaned them, I would be needing a cleaning again. I payed a little more for Shane to clean but in the long run it will be cheaper. I like that his cleaning produce does not Leave any residue and is safe for my family. Shane really cares about what he does. I highly recommend him
    Pros:He does the work. His organic produce works great and is safe for my family. Great value and service.

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    Mattjones from CO

    I want to let everyone who reads this that I strongly recommend using Shane. He really provides an invaluable service. I stopped having my carpets professionally cleaned because of the lack of quality. I've been doing it myself for years. I was no longer able to get the cleaned renting the king soopers machine. I was going to replace the carpets until I saw Shane at my neighbors. I saw what he did and the quality. I no longer need to replace them. Thanks to Shane, he has saved me thousands of dollars and the headache of the replacement.
    Pros:Honest, quality and affordable

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    MTCLEMENS1933 from CO

    All the times I've had my carpets cleaned through the years I have NEVER had such a great job. HE GOT THE EDGES OF MY STAIRS CLEAN as well as all spots. I'll neveruse anybody else as long as KING ORGANIC is in business.
    Pros:My house smelled "CLEAN" not any chemical odor. All natural prodcts. Shane was friendly, professional, and reasonably priced.

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    Undoubtedly the Best

    Deb M from CO

    Thank you Shane. My carpets look great. You are undoubtedly the best. Those spots did not return and the big red stain that others said were impossible to get out, you did. You will be back.
    Pros:great service company

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    Better Than I Anticipated

    Dr. Jason from CO

    I had King Organic come and clean my office. The results were much better than I anticipated. I then had him clean my carpets in my home. Thank you for the excellent job done.
    Pros:safe cleaning products and new carpet

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    Kirk G. from Denver, CO

    I had another company clean my carpet because the price was cheap. To make a long and bad story short, I had Shane come a month later to reclean. He did a fabulous job. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!
    Pros:knows what he is doing.

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    5-Star Service with a Smile!

    SPARTYinMileHigh from Denver, CO

    Shane was very flexible with his scheduling, his rates were reasonable, and his commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction were clearly evident. Additionally, Shane offered to return within a few weeks - if there were any questions or concerns. His expertise and knowledge of his service and the products he used were indeed impressive!
    Pros:Everything from start to finish - I can't imagine my desire to contact anyone else for the future. Shane is indeed a great guy - very trustworthy, and one that I plan to refer to others - as well as use in the future!
    Cons:Only that I didn't find him sooner...