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Budget A-1 Nationwide
Transmission and Auto Repair

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Auto Repair Denver on all foreign and domestic vehicles. If your vehicle has a problem we can fix it. Our check procedure is the most accurate diagnosis you can get. We check all the simple things first so you don’t have to pay for needless repairs that you didn’t need in the first place. Let our qualified staff get you back on the road. Some of our quality services include:

Auto Repair                           Suspension                               Pre Purchase Inspections
Transmission                        Hose Replacement                Wheel Alignment
Fuel System                           Imports                                      Tire Rotation
Oil Changes                           Inspections                               Alternator
Air Conditioner                    Light Replacement                Antilock Brakes
Steering Column                 Oil & Lube                                 Axles
Engine Repair                       Cooling Systems                    Batteries
Diagnostics                            Diagnostics                              Ignitions
High Performance              Electrical Service                    Belts
Heating System                   Emissions                                  Cooling System
Warranty                                Steering System                      Diesel Engines
Tune Up                                  Suspension Repair                 Clutch Repair
Rotors                                     Timing Belts                              Safety Checks
Starters                                   Radiator Repair                       Shocks & Struts
Power Brakes                       Lift Kits                                        Spark Plugs
Air Filters                                Differentials                              Four Wheel Drive

Budget A-1 Nationwide Transmission provides high quality transmission repair services for all transmissions. All of our work is completed on the premises by our ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) certified technicians.

Transmission Services, Repairs, & Rebuilds:

Allison Specialists
RV Services & RV Repairs
Foreign & Domestic
Heavy Duty
Driveline Repair
CV Joints & Axles
4×4’s & Transfer Cases
High Performance Specialists
Street Rods, Classic Cars, & Trucks
European Cars






    Very honest and personable
By Clarissa

I dropped my Nissan Rogue off to Budget Transmission and talked with Shane. After leaving my car there for a couple of hours he called to inform me that my transmission really needed work, but unfortunately he could not take my money. This is because he called Nissan for me and researched for an extended warranty on my car. Without his help, I would have never know I could get my car fixed without paying anything. I would highly recommend these guys. Honesty and trustworthy. It's hard to find that sometimes.

    Unbelievable service!
By Lisa Roberts

We were trying to assist our daughter in finding a car after she was rear ended and her car totaled. She's on the Front Range, we're on the Western Slope. Found a "prospect" & needed it looked at. Found Budget A-1 on Martino's website. They looked the car over, gave us feedback (explaining in detail, so even "non-car-folks" could understand). Then - unsolicited - called with the name of another dealer in case this didn't work out. Then said - after we bought it - that the next time our daughter was around, that they'd be happy to make sure the "fixes" were done correctly. LOTS of good advice, great communication, prompt, etc. GREAT experience, highly recommend them.

    Happy customer !
By Olivia

Just gotta say how much I appreciate you guys. Mark n Matt keep my 11 year old Honda running like new and I have no doubt it will go another 100,000 miles. It's not easy finding a mechanic you can trust, who'll fix it right the first time, and not to mention their prices are afforable. Of course, I always get more than my moneys' shooting the breeze with Mark, never a dull moment and worth the drive cross town. I think these guys are a great find and they're KEEPERS ! I wouldn't hesitate to recomend them to my friends n family.

By Pat

From a returning customer since 2001, GREAT SERVICE on the Dodge Caravan! Thank you again. It's so nice to know someone you can trust for your car repair services.

By Claudia

I have a 1997 Subaru Outback Legacy that I originally took to the dealer for maintenance and then as the years went by took it to a little Mom & Pop place near where I lived until the big question came up as to whether I would put it to pasture or replace the engine. Let me tell you I thought about this long and hard. I loved this car more than any other I had owned and was not ready to give it up. Plus, I could not afford to buy the same car new. I called at least six different repair shops out of the yellow pages and took notes on what each owner told me. When I talked to Mark, the owner of A-1, I was so impressed with his interest, professionalism, and knowledge, that I decided to take it to A-1 to be checked out. The facility is state-of-the-art, and I mean State-Of-The-Art! Now, I am a woman who knows nothing about repair garages. They all look dirty and grimy to me, which I understand as part of auto mechanics. A-1 is like nothing I have ever seen before! Customers are welcome, even encouraged to go into the garage and watch! Unheard of! I decided to have A-1 replace my engine and am so glad I did. I am driving my favorite car with a new inner body that runs as smooth as it did when I first bought it. Here's what I like. Two mechanics sign off on the work done. I am always treated like royalty when I go in. The main mechanic who worked on my engine took me back and showed me under the hood everything he did in terms I could understand. Mark and Matt are always available to assist me when I call with questions or come in. The efficiency of the business is unequaled by any I have seen. I know that Tom Martino endorses this place. He doesn't need to. A-1 Budget is its own endorsement.

    Honest & Dependable
By Emily

I discovered Budget A-1 in 2005, after a series of horror stories and money poured down the drain at other "repair" shops. Mark and his team at Budget A-1 are honest, dependable, and never quote more than what is needed on my vehicle. I have been loyal to Budget A-1 ever since, because they have proven themselves to be the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and easy to work with shop in town. I always tell my friends about Budget A-1, and I recommend you check them out with your next repair, without hesitation.

    Surpassed all of my Expectations
By David

I'm writing you today to let you know how pleased I am with your auto repair shop. I have taken my cars into several repair shops in the past and they all did very poor repairs and have told me that there were other repairs needed on my cars. After trying your shop, I must say I'm not just satisfied with your work, but you have surpassed all of my expectations of your repairs and great customer service, and at a very fair price. Your shop is #1 with our business, as we have been letting others know of the great service. I'm looking forward to a long business relationship with your company.

    Great Experience
By Josh

A couple of months after buying a used car I noticed a noise that was pretty loud. I took the car to Budget A-1 and asked them to have a look. Once they figured out what was wrong, they brought me in to show me the problem. Andy took the time to go over the parts of my transmission and exactly what was wrong with it. I was very impressed that he took the time to show me the damaged and undamaged parts of my transmission while it was apart. Of course it was a pricey repair, but Matt and Mark were very willing to work with me on getting it paid for, keeping the car for about a month without a storage fee. My wife and I are very grateful that Mark and Matt were so willing to work with us. We were very stressed about this repair and they did everything they could to make it easy for us. We will be customers for life.ý

    Most Honest to Deal With
By Gene

I have been dealing with Mark for many years, and have never had any negative experiences at all. The shop is the cleanest shop I have ever been in, thats right these guys let you walk right into the shop, something I have never experienced anywhere else. The technicians that work on my car, in my opinion, are the most honest mechanics I have ever dealt with. They are always willing to talk with me about my car and answer any questions i've had. Mark has also gone above and beyond with me on several ocassions, wether it was working with me on price, or time restrictions. The guys at Budget have always completed the repairs I needed quickly and thoroughly, and at a fair price. My whole family takes their cars to Mark and his crew, and there is noone else that I trust with my vehicles.

    Customer For Life
By meagan612

I had my car at the dealership and was told that I needed a new transmission because of the way it was shifting. I took my car to Budget A1 Nationwide after finding them on this site. I was very impressed with how I was treated and the time they took to check my car out and explain to me what was wrong with it. Turns out it was just a bad speed sensor that was causing the problem with the transmission. They saved my several thousand dollars, and have earned me as a customer for life. Also being a woman I have had my fair share of dealing with repair shops and not feeling comfortable with the way things were explained to me or what I have been told is wrong with my car. I had absolutely none of that feeling with Mark and the others at Budget. They were so helpful and will be working on my car in the future I'm sure.

    Amazing Job!
By Marilyn

Mark and his staff did an amazing job fixing up my car, which i thought was done-for. it was fixed for a reasonable price within a reasonable time frame and there have been zero problems with my car since.

    Will Always Return
By Carl

Mark and his crew are outstanding people. I have had two transmission rebuilt here. One a few years ago and it still running like new. Then have bad luck with a used truck I bought it went out. I took it back to A-1. I will always do business with them even though i live all the away across town They stand behind there work 100% I highly recommend doing auto business with A-1

    Great Service B-Panning
By ***

I had my transmission rebuilt by A-1 about 3 years ago, and have used them ever since. Mark and Matt have provided great service, and are much easier to deal with than any dealer. I would highly recommend them!

    Skilled Techs, reasonable rates
By Jason

Skilled Techs, reasonable rates I have an 88' RX-7 that nobody in town would touch for less than a grand, that it is until I came across Mark's place. Budget A1 has a total open approach to automotive repair. Customers are allowed to watch repairs being performed, and ask questions while their vehicle is on the lift. Matt is one of the most proficient and courteous techs I have ever met. Those who have ever had a car repaired before know, that those two attributes normally don't go hand in hand. Keep up the great work guys. See you real soon for some oil changes! Sincerely, Jason

    Thanks for an outstanding job
By Mary Beth

Dear Matt, I'm writing this note to say thanks for an outstanding job, once again. I know I've told you a thousand times to pass my name out to others for a reference. Now I'll write it down so you have proof of my complete satisfaction every time I bring my car to your door. I love my car. It has over 120,000 miles on it and I want to continue to drive it as long as possible. With you and your awesome staff taking care of me, I know i'll enjoy my BMW for a long time. Thanks a million,

    We appreciate a job well done
By Chris and Kim

To Mark and the Gang at Budget A-1 Transmission, We have been slow to write this letter, but after the many years we've been having you repair our three vehicles, we wanted to tell you that we appreciate a job well done. We always know you will do good work and you stand behind your work and the parts you install. We never wish for a car problem, but we're sure glad you're there when we need you. Thanks,

    Mark and his crew are my specialists
By Bob Schley

While I have earned a living for the past forty years in the automotive trade, both as a repair shop owner and maintenance manager for a 6,000 vehicle government fleet, I have never had the courage to delve into the mysterious innards of transmissions and differentials. Certain aspects of vehicle repair deserve a specialist, and Mark and his crew are my specialists. Ten years ago I gave my eighteen year old 1982 F150 to my eighteen year old son. When it needed a clutch I took it to Budget. A few of the linkage parts were worn and no longer available from the dealership. Mark’s fellows manufactured the parts for me at a very reasonable cost. The truck now has an additional 80,000 miles on it and only needed one adjustment. My latest repair at Budget was a posi-traction differential overhaul, completed on time and under the original estimate. Can’t wait for the snow to try it out. Thanks again boys!

    Great Mechanics
By Jim

The guys at Budget are great mechanics. I have been taking my truck here for many years. I had my transmission rebuilt 5 years ago and it still works as good as the day I picked it up. I have also had all sorts of other repairs done, fuel pump, tune-up, they are the only ones who touch my truck, even for oil changes. I would strongly suggest them to anyone looking for a good mechanic.

By Janell

Budget does A1 work they have the best mechanics. I had my transmission serviced by them. They are so friendly. GREAT SERVICE THANKS

By Sue

Mark and Matt kept me informed of all the issues with our 2005 Jeep. This is our second visit to the shop; everyone is so professional, polite and willing to explain everything to me - in a language I can understand. The first visit they took my husband and me on a tour of the shop - when has any dealership willing to take you on a tour. The shop was very clean and organized. When I picked our Jeep up they took my grandchildren on a tour - the 15 year old was very impressed especially with the '66 Mustang and Camero. Thank you Mark for taking time out of your busy day to do this. Both of our repairs were completed in a very timely manner. Normally, the mechanic is like the dentist - PAINFUL, not in this case. We would recommend A-l to anyone. Again, Thank you!

    Customer Service, Expert Technicians
By Robert Matteson

Over the past few years , I have relied on the great customer service and expert technicians at Budget A1 to get the maximum performance out of my cars. About three years ago, I took my 04 Passat in for 100K tune up and was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed afterward. I also have a 96 Volvo (160K+) that they keep going for my teenage son. Always dependable and a joy to deal with.

    Amazing Services!
By Tex

Our household recently ran into some car problems on our Suzuki Forenza and had our car repaired at Budget Repair and we were immensely satisified with the repairs. Your establishment discovered a safety hazard that could've endangered the driver which we ever knew existed, and brought it to our attention. Our family is so grateful for this insight that we had thought was only a minor issue that led to a larger problem. The timely matter in which you repaired our car was fantastic and deeply appriceated. Your company was recommended by some friends and we plan on returning to you for any further services and will most definitely be recommending you to all of our freinds and family. Once again, thank you for your amazing services!

    They live up to the hype
By Kelly M

I just moved to the west side of Denver and for the first time I needed a mechanic for my pontiac. Like a smart consumer, I went online and did my research for a good shop to take it too. I am glad I found Budget A-1. Their website was a great tool to learn about them before stepping foot in their garage. They live up to the hype. Very friendly staff with Mark as the owner. Shane worked on my car. I got to meet and chat with the owner and my mechanic as soon as I walked in. I was leaking coolant, Shane found out where and why. Once fixed they let me know if I have any problems to give them a call. Well a week later a new problem arose with the same concern. They immediately made it right with me. I will definately be going back to Budget A-1 for all my car needs.

    What a great group of mechanics!
By Susan

What a great group of mechanics! I have had them work on my Audi and now they will be in charge of my new, used Subaru Forester. I live in the Parker area and find it worthwhile to drive across town to A-1. I have found them to be much more reliable and honest than the big Audi dealership I used previously. They seem to actually enjoy working on older cars and dealing with female customers. It is a relief to work with people that know both you and your car. Also--a comfortable and interesting waiting area.

    Finally! A garage you can trust!
By Perry

I have been taking my truck to Mark for the last 2 yrs now. It has needed a ton of work and the guys at A1 have always come through for me, they have have even performed some worked they didn't charge me for. Hate the uneasy feeling that a repair garage is performing work that is not necessary? I have never had that feeling with Mark and the guys and that's why I will keep taking my truck there!

    One of Gratitude
By Rob

My experience with Mark and the guys is one of gratitude. The simple act of inviting me to the shop to personally inspect my transmission was an incredible act of integrity in an industry marred by deceit. While my truck was in the shop, they were down several key members: sickness, vacation, weddings, etc. Matt (front desk guru) called me several times throughout the process to keep me updated on timing. Though the wait was longer than usual, I was okay with it because of their professionalism in keeping me updated. When I visited the shop to check out my transmission I expected to be rushed along and pressured into a decision. To the contrary, Andy (the tech guy) took almost an hour out of his time to not only show me the damage to be repaired, but explained the inner workings of that mysterious box called a transmission. In short, if you are looking for a mechanic you can trust, stop here. You really get a sence that they actually care. Professional, personable, reliable, and worlds apart from the usual. Go A-1!!!

    Great Review
By James (Miles) Taylor

I have a 2004 Hummer H2 that the transmission went out on. I took it to the dealer and they just wanted to put in a certified rebuilt transmission. This is not what I wanted as I am sure it would have issues down the road. I had the Hummer taken to Marc and the gang down at Budget A-1 to have a look. I am a repeat customer and Marc did a great job the first time replacing my transmission in a 94 Rodeo. Marc and Andy did a great job rebuilding the H2 transmission and making it a heavy duty transmission to go with the type of vehicle that it is. I am extremely please with the professionalism and workmanship that I have received from Budget A-1 an would recommend them to anyone that is looking for an automotive service center. Thanks Again,

    My Car
By Tim

Hi my name is Tim and i just wanted to say that the crew over at budget trans is truly great people. ive tryed taking my cars to other shops and got burned realy bad. I had my transmission rebuilt at one shop i wont say names and it was never right. i returned the car many times and they said that the carwas fine and drove great. So i started looking around for another shop to take it to. Well i found budget transmission on the tom martino web site. I was still very leary to go to another shop. When i called i spoke to a man named matt and he told me i could take my car in right then, i was very supprised. When i got there they had my name on there schedule and a spot ready for me. When i got there i was greated by the owner mark. He is very nice and friendly he also gave me a tour of the shop. WOW it was so clean you could eat off the floors. hHe also told me that they have an open door policy so at any time i can come down and go into the shop and talk to the people working on my car. I have never seen that before. the guys over at budget A1 have nothing to hide thats for sure. to make a long story short they fixed the problem that someone else caused and my car works better than it did new. they even showed me all the parte that was bad in my transmission and told me how it all works. So to Matt and Mark you not only fixed my car but made a life long customer in the process. thanks and keep up the great work.

    Professionalism, Courtesy, good prices.
By Mike

Mark, Matt, and all the fine mechanics at Budget A1 set the standard for what auto repair should be. Over the past few years, they have taken care of my Audi V8 Quattro, including rebuilding the transmission, my Buick commuter car, the family Ford Bronco, and now my Dodge R/T. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all my family, friends, and acquaintances without reservations. Professionalism, courtesy, good prices, and excellent work still exist in the world of auto repair at Budget A1.

    Thanks and you guys are fantastic!!
By B.Rivers

Well I happen to own a 2003 suzuki xl 7. The parts just don't seem to exist anywhere or are hard as heck to loacte. Then to find a place that will work on your car and not 3x charge you because this is a forgin pain inthe butt. These guys did and I was beyond satisfied with that they have done. This place is a good distance from my house and way out of the way. In todays economy and with the price of gas i don't care if this place was 70 miles away. I will go here regardless. I also own the accursed Chevy Uplander and gave them fair warning. I know they will do a fantastic job so that I why I warned them ahead of time. If anyone ever missed the old repair shop and how they treated you then this is the place. I truse I can send my wife there and they will not fast talk her. Everyone I know that needs repair I will send here. There is no place better as far as I am concerned. Thanks and you guys are fantastic!!

    Great Service at Buget A-1!
By Jeff

I called short notice to get an oil change, they fit me in the same morning and had the work done within an hour. Exactly what I needed.

    Great Service @ Budget A-1
By Lowrey B.

My Ford Explorer's automatic transmission recently lost 3rd gear. After getting several quotes, some in excess of $4,000, and researching the best transmission shops in Denver, I took it to Mark at Budget A-1. He inspected the damage & gave me a price about 1/2 of what the competition would charge. It has been several months since the complete transmission overhaul & my Explorer is running great! Mark & his team are professional, friendly and thorough.

    Great Job
By Scott

To whom it may concern, I would like to take a second and thank all the guys at Budget A-1 Nationwide for all of their work that they did on my 1972 Chevy blazer. It is hard to find a shop that is still willing to not only work on an older vehicle, but do it with enthusiasm. Most shops didn’t want to touch my vehicle for fear that it would just bog down their technicians. Budget A-1 scheduled my vehicle in for an initial inspection within a couple days of contacting them. Once the inspection was done, my vehicle got in right away and the repairs were started. My Blazer was not only fixed in a timely manner (repairs were done 2 days before the estimate completion date) but was also $63 below what the estimate was. They really seem to care, I received a follow up call from the manager several days after the repair to make sure that my vehicle was running correctly and just to once again thank me for coming in. If I ever have a problem, I definitely will be bringing my vehicle back to Budget A-1 Nationwide for all of my mechanical needs. Thanks again for making it so easy.

    Awesome, Pure and Simple!
By Jason M. Weiss

Just got my RX-7 back from these guys after finishing another professional timely repair. I recently lost my job and these guys did everything possible to work with me. Mark, Matt, Shane, and all the guys at Budget actually give a rip about people. Who would have thought you could combine making money with good old fashioned decency. Let's put it this way, if you are taking your car anywhere else, you are not getting "full service" These guys treat everyone with kindness and respect whether you know about cars or not! I have been nothing but pleased with these guys since I discovered them about a year an a half ago. I worked as a mechanic for a short time in a small shop, so I know what under handed things can and often are done. Not here though, I don't think the guys at Budget even know what the definition of deceit means. If anything at all outshines their character, it could only be their work. I have NEVER, let me say that again, NEVER had to bring my vehicles back because something wasnt done right.( they do ask you to bring your car back just to inspect and make sure the nothing else has sprung up, but this is almost always at no charge to you) I have had pretty extensive repair work done to my Mazda in the past couple of years (clutch, fuel system.) Done right, and done right the FIRST time!. You guys rock, just dont let it go to your heads! I wouldn't want you turning into some robotic, clinical shop like every other place in town. Sincerely, P.S. Unless catastrophe strikes again, and I have to bring the car back for round 3, I want you all to have a great holiday season! P.S.S. Matt, my sincere condolences for your loss.

By Jerry J

They provide a level of service I have never seen before. Clear consistent message. They walk you through the facility. They exceeded my expectations of the repair and even asked if we could bring back in two weeks to check the repair. I drove twenty mile to get to them and will drive it again to have any future auto repairs.

    All a pleasure to deal with!
By Matt

My wife has a Durango that needed transmission work. Turns out the transmission needed a total overhaul. After we overcame the initial shock, we have been nothing but pleased. The vehicle runs like it is new. Recently, she started to hear a noise that she assumed was the transmission. We wanted to get it into the shop before the warranty expired. Turns out it was just a loose heat shield on the catalytic converter. To keep us happy, Mark and the guys just took care of it for us. We will keep coming back. Additionally, they are all a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much Mark, Matt, and Andy!!!

    You Guys Rock!
By Jonathan Rosseau

I have searched for a shop i can trust for a long time not because i don't know how to do the work but because i don't have the time. I have had shops all over town try and tell me things are wrong that really aren't so I have a real trust issue with any shop but when I met Matt Cochran today to drop off my truck to have them take a look he was cool and showed me around the shop and when I picked it up i was wherry they would tell me i needed a new tranny but mark and Matt were the most guys i had ever met they didn't charge me and the problem was a sixty dollar part i was able to resolve myself and now i am going to return every time i have a problem on top of that i will proudly refer them to anyone who might need help. Once again thanks for all the help and honesty you guys rock.

    Water Pump
By Kirk

I had my water pump replaced at a different repair shop a year ago. A bearing in the pump failed, causing the serpentine belt to tear. The other repair shop said they would cover the parts, but I would have to pay for the tow and labor. Matt and Mark worked with me to keep the price near what the other shop was going to charge, and I trust their repair will not fail in a year. Thanks guys!

By Jim D

I first took my Durango to Budget A-1 last July to have a CV joint on my transfer case replaced. The people their where very friendly and accommodating of my schedule. The mechanics at Budget A-1 really are mechanics. Instead or just replacing components they will troubleshoot the problem and then repair it. The CV joint had done some damage to the yolk, but they were able to repair the yolk and replace the CV joint for a very reasonable price. About 6 months later the CV joint failed due to a manufacturing defect. Without any questions they replaced the CV joint free of charge. I like the open door policy they have. If you want to roam around the bay and watch them repair your car they encourage it. They will answer any questions and they are very aware of the value of your time. I just recently had them replace a seal on my transfer case and once again the service and quality of their work was top notch. I encourage anyone with a transmission related problem to stop by and visit Matt and Shane to get an estimate.

    Company with a big heart
By Peggy and Savannah Hines

I am a single parent who's car with 440K miles died. My teen daughter took it upon herself to call Tom Martino. Tom, Mike, Budget A-1 Transmission, and Bear& Big Eddie' Towing, all together found/fixed a gorgeous SUV for us. Budget A-1 Transmission took the time to work on the vehicle changing all the fluids and working on the transmission. This is a A+++++ company with a heart. I will recommend them to everyone. I will take my business to them. God bless all of these very special people. This is truly a 10 star company.

    See you soon for our next visit!
By Elaine

Matt, Thank you so much for your great service And honesty. I recently moved to Denver from Wyoming and needed service on my transmission, wasnt sure where to go and who i could trust, after reading reviews on the Internet, i took a chance and was so happy with the prompt service! We now have a peace Of mind knowing Budget A-1 Nationwide is there for us! Matt took the time to explain the problem and showed us aroud The shop while waiting. Thank you so much for your friendly And honest service! See you soon for our next visit!

    Great service!
By Nathan S.

Budget A-1 is hands down the best shop I've been to. Mark and his crew are very skilled, friendly and professional. I especially like how customers are welcome to watch there vehicle get worked on. I also like how the crew will show you the parts that need replaced. I highly recommend Budget A-1 to any one looking for world class service.

    Superior service!
By Larry Wall

I have a rare car ( 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ) that most shops won't even look at. A few years back it wouldn't pass emissions and several shops tried to find the problem. Eventually the state "experts" issued a waiver when they couldn't find the problem either. Two years later I had the same problem and someone referred me to Budget A1. They not only identified the problem, but re-manufactured an existing part ( no new ones available ) to do the job. Mark kept me informed of the issues and stuck to his price estimates for the repairs. Recently the alternator went out on the same car. Once again Mark charged me the original estimate even though the job was harder than expected. I have found few truly skilled mechanics that don't charge an arm and a leg, and many mediocre ones that do. I can't recommend Mark Machosky and Budget A1 highly enough. When it comes time to rebuild the transmission on this car (soon) I will go nowhere else.

By Terry C

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the recent transmission work completed on our 2005 Camry. I appreciated Matt’s willingness to work with me on the cost of the repairs. Shane was very thorough on his explanation of what was wrong and all the parts that would be replaced. I have been in Denver for 30 years and cannot think of a shop with more integrity and honesty in this line of work or for that matter any line of work. It’s comforting to know when I take my vehicles to your shop the work is done correctly and only what needs to be done is done. Thanks again for all your help repairing our vehicles and we will continue to support your business.

    Thank You everyone.
By Mark

I just had my vw golf towed here, My mothers friend works for Tom Martino and suggested I have my car looked at by a reputable shop that has years of experience in foreign vehicles and not out to steal your hard earned money. Im a 24 year old single dad of a 6year old son Im ashamed to say I took my car previously to be repaired at a transmission shop (whom I wont name just yet) that offered a 100,000 mile warranty as my funds are limited and almost none at times. Cost me over a couple thousand dollars of all my income tax to get it fixed less then 6 mo ago and sorry to say its been back to that shop for warranty work 3 times this last time they had it for 2 months and it still is not drivable, not to mention the 2 dents it had when I finally got it back and probably costing me my job as I have missed some work. My wonderful neighbors rallied together to pay for my car to be towed to Budget A-1 after I was told about there work ethics and awesome reviews. They were more then kind and understanding when my neighbor made the appointment for me. They even said they would run diagnostics for free. Thank You, Thank You everyone.

By ***

I brought my 2000 Ford Windstar back in late June. I've had many nightmare encounters with mechanics and was very skeptical of this crew when I arrived. They were friendly, courteous and thorough and worked with me to fix my transmission at a price I could afford. We were able to afford our trip to Disneyland because of their good work and help with our budget, and the van ran like a champ. We logged over 2,500 miles on that rebuild and we're still going strong after all these months. I waited to write a review until I knew my van was ok. Because of the team's great work, my work of hospital visitation is going smoothly as is my secular work as a rep for Sam's Club. Thanks so much guys!

    ...they will now be my place to go...
By Kristi

We usually take our cars to the dealer or my brother who is very handy with cars. My teenage son's 2001 Civic was making a noise by the front wheel and the washer reservoir was leaking. I found A-1 on Tom Martino's website and they will now be my place to go - no more dealer prices! Shane and Mark were so nice and professional. In the end, my brother decided to do the work and even after that they were so kind. The washer reservoir was not leaking, they found it was a hose instead and just replaced it at no extra cost. I will return in a few days to have them align the car. My car's warranty just expired, so I will be calling A-1 for any car needs in the future. THANK YOU!!

By Troy G

If you are looking for an outstanding group to treat your vehicle like it was their own, look no further. The team of Shane, Andy, and Matt walked me through the issues they were seeing in my transmission (inside their own shop) and the suggestions that they felt were necessary to get me back on the road. They made many modifications to the weakly designed transmission and it works flawlessly. I normally don't write reviews and I also do most of my own mechanical work, but I would not hesitate to use this professional team again. I also overheard a conversation being discussed that this team was helping out a 16 year old student with limited funds to get her back on the road. That's classy!

By Cherie M.

We rebuilt or replaced is one of the most difficult car repair jobs. My trusty mechanic of the last 20 years sent me to Budget A-1 saying that he quit doing transmission work because he never knows the quality of other people's rebuilt units and that it takes so much in the way of tools, parts and expertise that it made more sense to refer people to a shop that does it all the time and is reputable. I am so glad I took his advice and took my car to Budget A-1! They carefully examined my car and gave me the most detailed estimate that I have ever had. They fixed my car on time and for exactly the price on the estimate. They also guaranteed the work. Usually I never pay much attention to guarantees as they often have more holes than swiss cheese. Recently (6 months after having the transmission rebuilt) I noticed while driving back and forth from southwest Colorado to Denver over 4 mountain passes each way, that my transmission was hesitating coming down the mountains. So I called Matt when I got to Denver and explained the problem. He could not have been more helpful. He got my car in right away and had it fixed in just one day. Best of all, when I asked what the cost would be, he said they stand behind their guarantee and there would be no charge. It is a pleasure to recommend a company that takes care of their customers and stands behind their work.

    Budget Saved us $3,000 in Repairs!
By Laura Casey

My husband and I were so stressed out because our dealership told us our oil leak problem was due to faulty head gaskets. We were ready to either pay it or buy a new car. Thank goodness we got a second opinion at Budget! The staff here got us in quickly and took a peek, turned out that the leak was in fact just a poor job done on an oil change. Never again will we use our dealership for oil changes or any other work! Our business will go to Budget. Thanks, guys for saving us a whole lot of money and heartache!

    Thanks Again Guys At Budget!!
By Rebecca N.

The guys here at Budget do a really great job. I moved here from Washington and I was a little disappointed that I had to leave my trusty mechanic. So when my 87 camaro got stolen and they broke my ignition, I was a little worried I would be be taken advantage of at a mechanics shop to get it fixed. But I did my research online at BBB and found Budget at the top of the list for mechanics, I called and made an appointment to get my dream car back up and running. The guys were very polite, and even suggested a towing service who they use. The next day I had an appointment to get my car towed and looked at. When the estimate came back there were no surprises, and he told me everything that needed to be fixed. I never felt like I was taken advantage of with this part, and that part, that I didn't need. They had my car up and running in a week even though they had to get a steering column shipped in. I will definitely be back!! I'm happy I didn't go anywhere else to get my camaro fixed.

    These guys know their stuff!
By Christopher J.

I've been a customer here for over 6 years, first getting work done on a '72 Chevy Nova and now a '78 Checker taxi cab. The work that I've had done on both cars by Budget A1 was absolutely great, which means a lot when dealing with older and more rare cars. These guys know their stuff and, having been burned by quite a few clueless mechanics, it's nice to have an auto repair shop on speed dial that I know will spend the extra time and effort to find the problem and fix it right the first time. The mechanics on hand are extremely knowledgeable, very up front with pricing and they will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with the work they've done. Thanks for the awesome work, Budget A1!

    Thanks again!
By Eli

I wanted to say thanks again to Matt and Mark and everyone at the shop for being there for me when my car wasn't. From the initial garage tour and introductions with crew to the ride-along (no other place was willing to get in my car and drive it with me to troubleshoot the problems until I paid), and working with me on the price and getting the car back to me faster than I hoped, you guys aced it all around! You've earned a new customer for life!

By Paul B

Mark, Matt & Keith performed a (free!) inspection of my 2002 Tacoma, and afterwards found nothing wrong with it. I've had other vehicles in for various repairs and they have always been great to work with and very trustworthy. That means a lot when others will take you on a false and expensive repair journey. The shop is inviting, fun and very unique. Good job and Thanks Much!! I will be back.

By Kenn D

Kudos to Mark and Matt for helping us with our recent transmission work. Mark, the owner is attention to detail and customer service at its best in giving us the best service possible! Matt his technician was top notch in offering his advice and expertise. Immaculate shop and top of the line service is key to the success of his business. Please be assured that you will have a good experience on your visit to get your automobile serviced. At A-1 you will find that there is someone who is considerate in his business dealings.

By Mary B

I knew something was amiss with my Jeep. Took it to two different shops before meeting Mark & Matt. The other shops set off bells and whistles, and did not inspire any confidence. Everyone needs to be able to have trust and faith in the people we do business with. Mark and Matt dealt with the issue on my Liberty and even found the cause of that "weird noise" I've been worried about. They resolved issues I've had for years and just gave up on. Thanks for your excellent service. And, thanks for treating me with respect. I appreciate it very much. That other guy is right, your shop is very cool.

    Transmission Rebuild
By Kenn DeBont

Mark Machosky at A-1 Nationwide gave me a sweet deal on my recent transmission rebuild. Attention to detail and customer care follows this man around. His consideration in my decision to keep my classic 1992 Buick Park Avenue in running order was very supportive. Highly recommended!

By Chris R

I had my SUV serviced for my transmission, Matt did a great job helping me to understand what was wrong with my vehicle and found out that my bell housing was leaking also. He saved me money because he had the ins company pay for that also great service and great people to work with.And the owner has a great selection of coins at a fair price.The way the economy is going its a great idea to have some options in silver and gold that always seems to keep its value.I would recommend that you go there even if your car is fine just to see the selection of coins and curacy that's available .All in all it was a great experience working with those guys ,five out five stars in my book.

    Very honest and personable
By Clarissa

I dropped my Nissan Rogue off to Budget Transmission and talked with Shane. After leaving my car there for a couple of hours he called to inform me that my transmission really needed work, but unfortunately he could not take my money. This is because he called Nissan for me and researched for an extended warranty on my car. Without his help, I would have never know I could get my car fixed without paying anything. I would highly recommend these guys. Honesty and trustworthy. It's hard to find that sometimes.

    Great Shop!
By Keith Mehrens

For the past 11 years Ive taken all my cars and my children's cars to Budget A-1. They have always treated me in a friendly fair and most importantly professional manner. From simple maintenance to complex transmission issues I have been very satisfied with the price and quality of the repair. I recommend them to my friends and will continue to trust them with my cars.

By Trixey M.

My visit with Mark was productive, informative and ultimately worthwhile compared to the other 3 places I went. Needless to say they didn't get my business because they made me feel like I was wasting their time. Mark cares, is honorable, and took the time to answer all my questions and show me what I needed to know about my coins. I can't thank him enough for making a difficult time easier. There is no one else I will do business with.

By ***

These guys aren't just talk, they walk the walk ivan burchard from lakewood co I'm a backyard mechanic and couldn't figure out my electrical problem. I took my vehicle to these guys and after they did some tests they told me whatever I did fixed the problem and did not charge me for the diagnostic testing. I really appreciate their honesty with me. Integrity and honesty are hard to find these days. These guys are awesome and I really appreciate Matt helping me with all my questions. These guys will always get my business!

By Jodie B

I was so happy to sit down with mark and get educated on gold appraisal. He was extremely knowledgeable and clearly took pride in conducting a fair and honest assessment. More than anything, Mark has a great deal of integrity. In the short time during my visit to his shop, I was blown away by his trustworthiness. It was a pleasure to meet him and I definitely will be back!




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