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American Numismatic Investments has been grading coins for over 35 years. I use the ANA, American Numismatic Investments grading standards. I am a professional coin grader and appraiser. I take pride in giving you accurate grades and values for your coins and precious metals. Call to schedule or just come in for a FREE appraisal or consultation.

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    Information Guru
By Karl Swanson

Mark is the best in his business. When I started collecting coins five years ago I went to all the dealers on the web and Broadway. I assumed that all coin dealers were the same, they sell you what they want to and dont tell you much but the final price. Wow what a diffrence I discovered when I found Mark, he is the most knowlegable and informative at what he does. I feel he took me under his wing and has tought me so much about coins that I never had read in books or learned from any other dealer. Every visit i learn so much that now I book appointments so I have time to learn as well as invest in my future! I would be happy to recomend my coin dealer to anyone intrested in an informed reasonably priced investment! KARL

    Best buyer/Seller
By Andy

As the price of silver and gold have gone up (and down) Mark has been the businessman to see to obtain the most fair evaluation and receive the 'top dollar' for your goods. Give Mark a call and you won't be dissatisfied with the outcome. Andy Austin

    Great Experience
By Courtney MacDonald

I brought two rings into Mark to see how much I would be able to sell them for and Mark was able to get well over double what was offered to me by another gold and jewelry buying outlet in town. Not only did I get my money's worth, but Mark was knowledgeable and great to work worth. I will absolutely be recommending Top Dollar Gold and Coin in the future!

    Mark is my go to guy
By Donna

I had been thinking about selling my coin collection but just didn’t know where to go. My daughter saw the ad on TV for Top Dollar Gold and Coin and I decided to give them a try. I called and spoke with Mark Machosky and found him very personable and knowledgeable. I took in the Canadian portion of my collection and he explained how coins are graded and gave me a very honest and fair appraisal and paid me on the spot for those coins. Mark is also going out of his way to help me sell some of my more unusual coins. I will definitely take the rest of my collection to him.

    Positive Experience
By Meg Bogacz

Mark doesn't call his business "Top Dollar Gold and Coin" for nothing. Necessity forced us to sell our collection of silver coins and we had no idea where to go. After much research on the Internet, we saw Mark’s video on this website and the choice was crystal clear. Mark did not disappoint us. He is very welcoming, and outgoing, but his most noteworthy quality is his honesty. We were nothing less than impressed with his knowledge and ability to evaluate our coins and he gave us substantially more money than we expected. If you have silver or gold to sell, Mark is definitely the man to see. We recommend him with no hesitation and will do just that to our family and friends. On a scale of 1-10, Mark rates a 10 in our book!

By Dennis White

Hi, I just got done doing some business with Mark. A+ from me. Mark did an excellent job informing me of his operation and history. I was extremely comfortable doing business with Mark. I will surely recommend he to my friends and family. I would stop by just to say hi. Thanks Mark, we need more business owners like you.

    Tom Guidera
By Wonderful Experience!

My son, David, and I just finished a transaction with Mark. Not only was he an absolute pleasure to talk with, but his buy price was above what we found at another highly-regarded bullion dealer in the Denver area. I strongly recommend Top Dollar Gold and Coin to anyone wanting to buy of sell bullion.

    Purchased coins from Mark
By Ken

I just want everyone to know that Mark is a very honest coin dealer and will give you the best deal in town.I talked to several coin dealers and Mark was the most honest and fair of them all.

    Purchased Coins
By Frank Rogers

Mark took the time to educate me about the grading of coins, how coins are appraised, and just gave me a good education about coin collecting and what to be aware of. It was a pleasure to sit and talk to him and I will definitely call him for any of my future numismatic questions, purchases and/or appraising. I felt he was very honest and I would recommend him to anyone needing guidance with coins.d

    Coin Sale
By Eddie Morris

Mark was very informative and I feel he gave me a fair and accurate price for my coins. I would return to Mark without going any where else.

    selling coins and rings
By hallie breidenbach

mark is the most informative person I have ever had talked to about coins. He explained everything to me and I was very impressed with his knowledge.He is a honest person who will give you the best deal. i would recommend him to anyonewho is wishing to sell. thanks for being so nice.

    Silver Coin Sale
By Tim Egan

A I went in to Marks's business today, to see what I could get for some silver coins I had. He explained his background in grading and appraising coins, and then made a generous offer on my coins. On the home page of his site, Mark has a motto: "Shop Around...Make Us Your Last Stop". Based on my very satisfactory transaction with Mark this afternoon, do yourself a favor, and heed his motto!

    Wow, I was very pleased with Mark
By Leo Muzychenko

I was shopping around for the best deals in town for my silver coons. Nothing special about then until he enlightened me with some rather cool info. The marks on the silver dollar. Whether is from Denver ,it will have a D,or San Francisco, it will have an S,, Philly and it will have a P. No other shop have me as much for my silver and no other shop even looked at the marks. Even to just see if there was any significance about the coins. Our they didn't tell me about it. I went to about 10 places before Marks and my search is over, the closest deal I got was at rocky mountain gold rush, at 21 a piece. Mark gave me 23. Not only that but when I was getting my cash he rounded up to the nearest ten. All in all a great business man and I won't be scared to call him friend. Mark, you are a great gentleman. Thank you.

    I would not hesitate to recommend you...
By Jim L.

Thank you so much for the time you spent in explaining and reviewing the coins I brought in. I felt your expertise and ethics were unquestionable, and that your service is to give the customer the best deal possible. I would not hesitate to recommend you, and your company American Numismatic Investments.

    ANI is a great place to take your coins
By Sean Gill

Even if you just want information about what you have and what it might be worth but don't want to sell anything. Mark took the time to educate me and explain everything I could possibly want to know. He gave me a more than fair price for what he was interested in buying, and he gave me great advice about what I could do with anything he didn't want to buy. Highly recommended! Just a note, yes, the coin/gold place is in the Auto repair shop. Otherwise it's easy to find.

By M. Zechariahis

Thank you Mark, for taking the time to educate me in coin appraising. You were very informative and kind. I will certainly be back.

By Jeri O.

I needed to sell my deceased fathers coin collection. As I helped him over the last 40 years build it, I knew something about it. I did my due diligence and took some pieces to another coin purchaser needing some immediate cash. Meeting with Mark gave me confidence that I was receiving a better price than the previous company. A delightful experience and I will continue to have Mark assist me with any further needs for selling my valuables.

    We highly recommend Mark!
By Jackie H.

We had old coins we wanted information on and to consider for sale. We searched the internet and found Mark Machosky's website and read the reviews. Great reviews but really, how could anyone be that good? We found out. Mark makes you feel any home, is respectful, educates and explains everything he is doing in evaluating your items. We were extremely pleased with this encounter, so much so that when we wanted information regarding paper money we called Mark and he was more than accommodating to look at what we had including some jewelry. It is so nice to meet and deal with someone, in this day and age, who is ethical and respectful.

By Cheryl R.

I've purchased silver coins on a couple occasions from Mark. I am extremely pleased. I trust Mark completely and I will not go anywhere else. 3/25/13

By John R.

I feel so fortunate that I went to Top Dollar Gold and Coin because of meeting Mark Machosky! I needed help by selling some items that have been in my family since the Civil War plus some older coins. The items I took had huge sentimental value to me, After meeting Mark I felt assured these items found their best possible new home! Because Mark took his time going through each coin teaching me what I had along the way I got to know Mark and found him to be a genuine honest and most trusting man. I had a few items from the Civil War two of which were not with me. Mark made me a fair offer and paid me cash on the spot even for the two items that I left at home. Mark told me all he needed from me to know I would return with the items he already paid for to seal the deal was a hand shake. I felt so good that Mark trusted me with a hand shake, I realized he is a true example of the way an honest business is run!

By Stan J.

If you want to deal with a coin dealer who is factual, honest and fair this is the man. Please for your own benefit do not bother "calling around" for a better deal...because you will not find one. Helpful, honest and forthright. What more need I say to properly give credit to an honest merchant in the coin sector of the business world...?

    Great experience
By Jorge C.

Had a great experience with Mark. I inherited some coins which I needed to decide what to do with them Mark gave me some assistance in determining the potential value of the coins and some options. It was a good size and cataloging them would have been a long process for this beginner. After meeting with Mark I decided to sell them. Mark took great time to sort through them and arrange them for sale to get the best possible price possible. I trusted him enough to turn them over to him to take his time to evaluate the coins. He got me a great price. More than I was expecting. And left me with a manageable collection to keep to pass along. I definitely would go back to him. He was straight forward and gave me an honest evaluation of the collection and it's value. After talking to other places who were rude or looking for a quick sale he gave me the time and respect I was expecting. Thanks Mark.

By R Burg

Selling my father's collection was an outstanding experience. Mark of ANI is very knowledgeable, professional and reputable. You can bet that if you sell your collection to ANI, you will receive top dollar, relative to other dealers in town, or even nationally. Mark treats each customer with respect and focuses on educating collectors regarding the marketplace. He is a "straight shooter" - someone you can rely upon and trust when it comes to buying and selling coins. I would recommend Mark and ANI to any friend or family member or other collectors. You simply won't be disappointed.

    Good Service ... Highly Recommended
By Daniel Hazen

My dentist gave me a couple of little pieces of gold out of my mouth from a root canal. I didn't know what to do with them but figured they might be worth a few dollars so I called Mark. He invited me to his shop, evaluated the gold, explained exactly what he was doing and what the gold was worth, and I believe he paid me a fair price. And he seems like a nice guy to boot! I would gladly refer anyone needing to sell old gold. Thanks, Mark!

By Jeri D.

Mark was extremely thorough and very personable. He taught us the grading system and walked us through everything step by step. We had checked around with others and by far, Mark's price and offer was the best and the fairest. We believe in Mark's integrity. He is not in this job to rip-off people, but to get you a fair price for your collection. The dollar figure Mark presented to us was twice what anyone else had offered us. Mark graded everything in front of us and was honest and clear in his communication. We would recommend him to anyone!!

By Dianne B.

I took my elderly mother in to sell gold that she held for many years and she wanted to cash it out. I had gone to previous dealers to see what the gold was worth. They were either very rude or just gave us a price without explaining how they arrived at the price take it or leave it. Mark explained and educated how he arrived at the price he gave us for the gold. He took the time. This is very rare in this day and age. I would recommend top dollar and coin to anybody who wants a fair and honest deal. I am definitely a repeat customer!!!

By Patty

Thanks to Mark I now know a little more about selling gold. He took the time to explain to me what my items were worth and gave me the best price. I only wish I had seen him sooner!

By Bob E.

I had some coins that I found after my mother's death, and knew they had some value. I checked with three or four other shops and was given a price, which I thought was low compared to what I found on the internet. I called Mark, and made an appointment. He explained how he does business, and how he grades coins etc. In short he paid me three times any other estimate I had obtained, which was close to what I had found on the internet. Thanks Mark.

By Bob H.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Machosky for the first time today. I have some financial needs and desired to raise some cash from selling some coins from my collection. I have been collecting coins for the better part of my life. Before meeting Mark, I considered myself to have sort of an Intermediate understanding of coins. I have always been perplexed about the grading of coins which seemed to be a mystery to me. I have tried to sell a few coins before and was never fully satisfied with the result. I met Mark and took a few coins, to see about converting them to cash. I never really want to sell any of my coins because I enjoy owning them. Mark was very patient, he introduced himself and explained his background. He took two hours of his time to go through the coins and he de-mystified the coin market for me. I learned more from Mark in two hours than the total amount of my previous experience. He was thorough and transparent. He was fair and i agreed with his assessment of my coins. It is sort of a heart wrenching experience for a collector to hear about weaknesses in our collections. Mark's experience and knowledge speak for themselves. I plan to have Mark look at the balance of my collection and advise me on upgrading the quality of my future collecting. I trust him, and I guess that is the bottom line with dealing with a local business. Trust is the coin of the realm (pun intended), lol

By Nick N.

I was going through some old boxes I had in a closet, I came across a little bag, it had a part of a gold necklace in it, I tried to bend the metal, it was easily pliable. I googled gold buyers in englewood co, and Mark was the closest to my location. I called to make an appointment. He was very friendly, walked me through how he appraised precious metals, and made a me a great deal! Mark was very honest, and upfront. This was my first experience with a gold buyer, and a great one! I I will be sending my people his way, so if you think you might have something of value. Go see Mark to find out!

By Brian C.

I have been sitting on my coins for a number of years now. I finally decided to make a move and sell them. I checked out numerous web sites and made many phone inquires. I was looking for someone that was personable, knowledgeable and genuine. Mark was the man for the job. He walked me through the whole process of quality, grading and percentage of silver in coins. I came away with no sellers remorse, because I know I went to the right person. I was paid top dollar for what my collection was worth. I highly recommend Mark.

By Lynette W.

GREAT customer service. GREAT prices! Very Fair. I will be a repeat customer.

By Chuck and Silvija K.

My wife and I recently had the unique experience of trading in some old coins we had laying around the house and at the same time receiving an education on the pros and cons of collecting, caring for, and selling coins. Mark Machosky is perhaps one of the most personable and honest persons we have met in all our travels here and abroad. His integrity and honesty is of the highest degree, so much so that Silvija and I will be back with more items for his assessment. We would readily recommend Top Dollar Gold and Coin to anyone interested in finding the worth of their coins or their gold and silver items.

By Cliff G

Mark was by far the best I went to sell my father in laws coin collection. He spent 21/2 hours going thru the complete collection and gave me a better price than any one else. Great person and very professional. He know his coins!

By Hannibal G.

Mark was fantastic to deal with. We had some coins and jewelry that were just sitting around. Mark was extremely patient and thorough. He walked us through the steps of appraisal and warned us of the common pitfalls in the business. Dealing with Mark was a pleasure and an education. I highly recommend going to see him even to just educate yourself on what you have and then make an informed decision on what you would like to do. I will definitely be back to see Mark again.

By Brett E.

Brett E. from Centennial Had an absolutely wonderful experience with Mark and ANI. We received excellent attention and service and felt that everything was thoroughly explained to us. The price we were offered for our coin collection was honest and fair. We will be returning in the future and would fully recommend American Numismatic Investments, you cannot beat the service and integrity offered here.




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