YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS! RIPOFF @ 44th Auto Service in Bennet? You Decide.

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12647128_552634151571647_2643060570105164593_nAll John wanted was to get his 1980 Mini Cooper running smoothly.  When he drove it into 44th Auto Service in Bennet 9-months ago for repairs, he never realized that his nightmare was about to begin.

Since John took his car in for repairs, he has been deployed to the Middle East for the U.S. Navy.  John has been in the military for 17 years.

Back in July, 2015, when John took his car to 44th Auto Service, he was told it would cost around $4,000 to get his car running.  After that John said he paid the shop $3,000 up front. Sailor John says after that all  he got was excuses from 44th Auto Service owner, Jim Weese.  After 9-months his car was still at 44th Auto Service in Bennet and it was in parts!

John’s uncle tried to hammer out a settlement with mechanic Jim Weese.  They went so far as to offer FULL PRICE to the shop if they would just release the car.  But mechanic and shop owner Jim Weese refused unless sailor John signed a “release”, promising not to take any action again him or his shop.

The agreement basically says John can not complain or even speak about the service he received nor could he hold Weese  or the shop responsible for anything!

In addition, Weese said, if the sailor did not agree to his terms, he would charge John storage fees going back 9-months, which would amount to nearly $7,000.

We could NOT believe our ears.  This clown, Jim Weese, owner of 44th Auto Service in Bennet was basically saying, I did nothing to your car; it’s in pieces. And if you want it back, you have to pay me a total of $4,000 – for nothing – and you need to sign a release saying you will never do anything about it!

Sailor John and the Troubleshooter Network made numerous attempts to get an invoice from 44th Auto Service, just to see if there was any work done.  Owner Weese refused.  We also asked if we could, at least, see the car.  Weese refused.

So … our deployed U.S. Sailor is expected to take away his car in pieces, after paying $4,000 and he isn’t supposed to complain.


Weese is being totally unreasonable and I can’t imagine how someone like this can even be in business.  Many of our listeners called the shop in Bennet at 303.644.3027 in an effort to help.  They report that Weese was loud, obnoxious, vulgar and insulting.  He also dodges the question:  What did you do to deserve $4,000?

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