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I’ll get right to the point!  I highly recommend that you avoid Stephen Klein, owner and operator of “Common Good IT“. In my opinion he is a ripoff. Here’s the story:

Klein entered into a contract with Michele Vanfleet, who called my radio show for help. Common Good IT was going to design a custom logo and build a website for her, as specified in their contract (click here to see part of it). She paid him $3,750 up front – which was 50% of the deal. Now take a look at the logo.







The logo on the left is the one they designed for Michele. The one on the right is offered on the internet FREE to anyone at this  website:

How would you feel about this?  Michele was pissed! But when she called him to voice her concern, he decided to FIRE HER AS A CLIENT.  Klein says she’s too difficult to work with as a customer.  And get this, HE WANTED TO KEEP $2,645!

According to Klein he deserves the payment because he says he put in 21 hours on the project.

After we told Klein we were going on the air, he changed his tune.  He said he would keep only $500.  Michele said she is fine with the settlement.



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