Advertising with Accountability

The Referral List is the only form of paid advertising that background checks all sponsors and continually monitors them for compliance to a strict code of ethics combined with excellent customer service.  Sponsors also sign an agreement to solve consumer problems to our satisfaction or be removed from the list!

Long ago, Consumer Advocate Tom Martino realized the need to do more than just exposing “bad guys”. While it is important to expose unethical businesses, it is just   as important to promote "good guys".  That is the basis for establishing the first referral list in the country.  ReferralList.com is paid advertising that offers more safeguards than any other kind of advertising anywhere.

He calls it Advertising with Accountability.

Tom Martino's Referral List is Colorado’s most utilized and respected “list” of reliable merchants, contractors and service providers. It is the only form of advertising that offers recourse to consumers through, arbitration, public testimonials, media exposure, and suspension of even our own members who do not measure up!

Early in Tom’s career the need for a referral list became self-evident.  While consumers watched him going after liars, cheats and rip-offs, they would naturally  ask him whom he trusts. Tom would routinely give out recommendations based on personal experience. However, there was no accountability and no formal way to insure that his recommendations would deliver maximum benefit.  At times, even when a company did a good job for him, they dropped the ball for others.  Tom saw    the need to formalize his recommendations in order to hold sponsors to a higher and consistent set of standards.

The result was ReferraList.com where all members are contractually bound to  provide excellent customer service, quality products and outstanding business standards!