Advertising with Accountability

This is the heart of the Referral List

Tom Martino's Referral List is the only form of paid advertising that gives consumers recourse and the only one that actually solicits complaints about its own members.  Ask yourself, do you have someone to listen when a TV, radio or newspaper advertiser rips you off?  Will they take action against the advertiser?  Or do they simply continue to take their money  and run their ads?  That won't happen on the Referral List!

We monitor members because we want to know how they are measuring up to our standards!  And we are the only form of advertising that actually provides a public forum for airing complaints, an arbitration process and censuring of advertisers who fall short of excellence.  In some cases we have even gotten other members to solve a problem when one member fails to do so.

While no form of advertising is perfect, at least you know with the Referral List there is, at least, some recourse.  At the first sign of serious trouble, we remove members pending a complete investigation.