AUTODIDACTICISM: The single most important element of success

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hand to mirrorIn a word, the secret to success is autodidacticism. Teachers do not teach, the universe does not teach, even God (if you so believe) does not teach. We learn! We extract from them what we need to quench our learning quest. 

Nothing is learned unless we unlock our desire to learn. Each one of us must search for knowledge. We all carry, within us, the infinite knowledge and wisdom of our existence. Within each one of us (in our cells, DNA, sperms and eggs) is the knowledge, blueprint and history of the universe and the ability to spawn new life. Reproduction, in and of itself, is evidence that we all contain the combined knowledge of life within our cellular memory.

Providing we were born “normal” (without a severe abnormality that inhibits thought) … we have within us everything that everyone else has … we have the same make-up of all the great philosophers, thinkers, geniuses, saints and anyone else we hold in esteem. We simply have to tap into it. Our toolbox is the same as their toolbox. All knowledge comes from within, then we seek connective evidence to reinforce our knowledge. We absorb. We are not infused.

We know everything already. We know how to digest food, heal wounds, make life, breath, convert food to energy and act upon our world. We know deeper things. We can conceive concepts not yet a reality. We seek a creator or at the very least secrets of our origins. There is no knowledge outside of ourselves. We simply have to unlock our potential.

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