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copperleafLOGOIt looks like a real estate deal.  It feels like a real estate deal.  But it is NOT a real estate deal when it comes to consumer protection!  That is, when you are dealing with home builders. That reality was driven home (no pun intended) when Andrea called my radio show for help.  She had given Copperleaf Homes a desposit of $29,300 back in October of 2015.  The contract was contingent on Andrea selling her home.  Andrea’s home did not sell in time, so her contract with Copperleaf expired.  Naturally, Andrea wanted her deposit refunded.  Copperleaf agreed to it, as long as she paid some expenses – around $3,000.  So they came up with a written settlement to refund Andrea $25,900 within 30-days.  Much to her dismay, she never got paid – until we got involved!

Steve Neary, Owner CopperLeaf Homes

I put my chief investigator and co-host Marc Mager on the case.  When Marc contacted owner Steve Neary, the guy acted like he didn’t know what Marc was talking about and even suggested that Marc may have the wrong number.  Then he promised to call us back but never did.  That’s when Marc did some digging and found financial trouble:  numerous subcontractors claiming they were owned money, numerous customers with warranty issues not being addressed.  All in all, it did not look good for Andrea.

After we turned up the heat on the air, Neary finally contacted Andrea and hammered out a new agreement.  He paid her $12,900 on Friday, April 22nd with a promise to pay the balance in 30-days.  And he asked her to “call off the dogs”

“Ruff, ruff.”  I’m satisfied for now.  But we’ll be braking again in 30-days if this deal goes south.

REAL ESTATE BROKERS are held to a higher standard and must escrow money.

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