June 11, 2018

Mark paid Good Neighbor Home Services $8,600 up front for a new air conditioning system. They started the job but did not complete it. When we called, the company said their installer told them it was done. Now that they heard from us, they said they will investigate and make sure the job is complete.

Scott called about water softening. He wants to know if it’s necessary and what options are available. Bob Logan from Plumbline said the most common “hardness scale” is a measurement of “grains per gallon” expressed from 1 to 10. Hardness can go beyond 10 but for all practical purposes, anything 10 or over is simply very hard and should be treated. 3.5 to 7 is considered moderately hard. Plumbline Services offers water testing at around $249 but agreed to do Scott’s tes free of charge.

Mike is upset with his workers compensation attorney. He said he hired the Mintz Law Firm after being injured at work. The attorney assigned to him quit the law firm. Now he is not getting his calls returned. By the way, “lack of communication” is the number one complaint we get on attorneys. We called the Mintz Law Firm to let them know. They assured us they would call him. Sometime, just getting us involved helps to get things moving.

Rob recently found out that his land has been contaminated by a leaking oil tank that he inherited when he bought his property. That oil storage tank was used by an oil company who leases the oil rights. Rob did not buy the mineral rights when he purchased the land. He is concerned and wants to know what to do? First and foremost, he needs to work with the Colorado Gas & Oil Commission. They will make sure the site is cleaned and being restored with new dirt.  That clean-up is currently in the process. He should also try to get the mineral rights owner to release the mineral rights to him, since they are now afraid he will sue. We also put him in touch with the Environmental Protection Agency, who is counseling him.

Watch out for a mechanic named Rod Ledbetter @ 720.579.3632. The guy took $2,500 from a woman with the promise of finding her a used engine for her subaru. Instead, she got a crying (literally crying) excuse on the phone, saying he spent the money on bills, court fines and penalties and is broke!  This guy is a deadbeat. We are going to expose him.


Carmelo paid Landmark Garages $3700 up front for a garage. He later found out that the location of the garage will require him to move gas and water lines, which adds around $40,000 to the project. He said he tried to call Landmark to discuss other options or a possible refund but so far, the owner will not return his calls. We are working on it.