June 13, 2018

Susan says Just Brakes ruined her car. We don’t agree. She took her car in for an oil change and claimed they failed to properly reinstall the under-belly skid-plate. She said it came loose and a piece of it punctured her radiator and some of it got jammed in the wheel well. As a result her car overheated and the engine seized. Wow! That’s a big leap! Just Brakes says they never removed the skid plate to change the oil. It’s still on the car. They said Susan must’ve run over something because the plastic piece jammed into the wheel well was not from her car. They added that the radiator was simply worn out from rust. The claimed they recommended radiator repairs when she first came in for the oil change. She declined.

Brianna’s apartment is without air conditioning. She wants to know what to do? I don’t believe the absence of AC is sufficient enough to invoke and violation of the habitability standards in Colorado but ultimately that would be decided by a judge. I told her she should document her efforts to get the landlord to fix it. After that, I would demand that it be fixed within 7-days or I’d proceed with a constructive eviction (that’s when you evict yourself due to a substantial breach of you lease). I would claim that since there was AC when I moved in, I should expect that it be working properly. So, I’d call it a breach. Meanwhile, we’re happy to call in situations like this to apply a little “pressure”. Many times just a call from us works!

Joe is getting a divorce and wants to rat out his immigrant-soon-to-be-ex-wife. He says she is using a stolen social security number. He wants to know if it will affect his divorce. Our experts don’t think it will help or hurt his case. We think he just wants a little revenge!

Randy bought a back-up cam for his car at Quality Auto Sound. He says it doesn’t work and Quality won’t do anything about it. He said Quality is blaming his car’s electronic system for not being compatible. They suggested he have his computer flashed (reset) at the dealer.  After he did that, the cam still did not work. He said Quality refused to unwind the deal and refund his money. When we called, the manager at Quality said they just want a chance to replace it before unwinding the deal because it is a special-order item. We think that sounds reasonable. We’ll await a follow-up from Randy.

Andy is buying the house he is renting. He and the landlord have arrived at the price. Does he need a real estate broker? No. However, I would enlist the services of a “transaction broker” to handle the transaction.

Real Estate Brokers can wear one of three hats in a transaction:  1) A selling broker, who lists the home and sells it. He represents the seller. 2) A buying broker, who helps buyers find properties and represents the buyer through the transaction. 3) A transaction broker, who does not represent either party. He simply makes sure the proper documents are executed correctly and keeps the transaction on track.