It was car Friday and the studio was packed,  Al Oramas with Pro Auto Care, Jeff Vick with Kimmer Transmission and Alex R. with All deputies were on hand to help solve problems, answer questions, and take complaints.   Deputy Daph had numerous follow ups.

Marc was still hot under the collar about Doreen.  She is the 73 year old woman that is being evicted from her apartment complex. You can see Marc's video of his visit to the management company here-

We had numerous car questions, of all kinds, including a guy that had his 1987 in and out of Aspen Auto in Co. Springs numerous times and still has problems. He has dropped $6K with them and there still has some issues. The biggest issue is the caller lives in his truck in the woods! You must hear this call on the podcast or our Facebook page.

Cathy also called.  She got a photo radar ticket in Denver and then they actually served her with a court date by registered mail. She wanted to know if she had to pay it. Marc asked Al Oramas if he would pay a photo ticket if he did NOT get served. You will be shocked by the conversation that followed.

A long time listener and user sent in a photo of sign they posted on their front door. They got pelted with the hail storm in Co. Springs this past week and have had an army of door knockers coming through. This sign is the best!! And apparently has been very effective on keeping the slime away.