June 25, 2018

Paul definitely had the most popular call that sparked many other calls. He said whenever he shops for airline tickets and goes back to the site the next day, the same tickets are way more expensive - sometimes triple the price! He believes the travel sites are tracking your “IP” and purposely increasing the price to create a sense of urgency and taking advantage of you. Many listeners called to agree with him. They say they have experience the same thing. We are currently conducting some “experiments” to see if it happens to us.

The show started with two questions about people with disabilities. One woman, who rents an apartment, can not access her refrigerator because it is too low. In short, she wants to know if she can force the landlord to offer a refrigerator that is higher. Under most laws landlords and business owners must make “reasonable” accommodations for people with disabilities. The debate often comes up about what is “reasonable”. There are some things, like wheelchair accessibility, that are clearly defined in certain situations, while other situations are a bit hazy. In the case of the refrigerator, there is no definite answer. We are investigating.

The other call was about AirBNA and whether they must allow service dogs. Lori called because the AirBNB she rented would not allow the dog. AirBNB has a policy that asks owners to accommodate people with service animals but it is not mandatory. We have contacted the Rocky Mountain Center for ADA and are investigating this entire area of compliance.

Edward says Prestige Fitness offers free memberships to people reaching 65-years of age and on Social Security. He said when he canceled his regular membership to take advantage of the savings, Prestige continued to bill his credit card for three months. Hed wants a refund. We are taking on the case to get his his money!

Tim filed taxes his taxes in March and got a letter from the IRS saying the return was “under review”. He suspects he is under review because he and his wife are separately self-employed and both claim “home office” expenses. He also mentioned that his income was under-reported by $10,000.  Our tax experts at Larson Tax Relief say a review of income tax returns can take up to 6-months. They highly recommended that he amend his return to reflect the under-reported income before the IRS finds out and penalizes him!

Cheryl asked about putting asphalt over concrete. Not recommended! Asphalt is made to shift and move. Putting it over concrete will defeat the purpose and will possibly spread it to thin when encountering heavy vehicles.