June 27, 2018

Our special guest was Bonnie Shields, Family Law Attorney.

Lucy said he daughter is involved in a nasty custody battle. She said the judge is allowing the dad to move to California and is forcing the mom to move there too! We investigated using the case number to dig into court records. What we found is that the mom actually testified that she would be willing to move to California if the courts granted joint custody and the dad moved there. The court ordered a family investigator heavily in favor of the dad’s parenting. The court said it would be in the kids best interest for the whole family to move to California but did NOT make it a court order for the mom to move. In cases where only one parent moves, the transportation costs are usually born by the parent who moves away.

Bruce and his wife have have had an informal child support arrangement for many years. For those years, he has been letting his ex-wife claim the children as deductions on her tax return. Now that the parenting plan is being formalized and the deductions alternate year-by-year … he wants some credit for the past years where it did not alternate. For example, he’d like to keep the deduction for several years in a row to even things out. Bonnie Shields said parenting plans seldom “give credit” for things done under previous informal arrangements. She said in order to get extra deductions, he’ll have to get his ex-wife’s to agree.

Steve has an issue that many men have wondered about. He’s been divorced since 2016 and was ordered to pay maintenance to his ex-wife until she remarries. She moved in with a guy one month after the divorce but, Steve says, she is purposely not getting married in order to continue to collect maintenance! Bonnie Shields said that he can challenge her marital status if he can show evidence that they are, in fact, married. She said proof is not always a formal marriage but could take the form of “common law” or other joint arrangements showing they are a married couple.

Dave  remarried and adopted his step daughter six years ago. He wants to know if his wife can go after her ex-husband for back child support stemming back 15-years. Bonnie Shields said, “Yes.” She said it’s not too difficult to get back support converted to a judgement, which can then be pursued by any collection attorney.

Cheryl is one of many people who have contacted us regarding “fake stem cell” therapy from Dr. Dean Jones (a chiropractor), who ran Denver Spine & Posuture (by the way he has since changed his business name). We are in the midst of investigating his office and other chiropractic offices claiming to give stem cell therapy, when in actuality they are merely providing amniotic fluid, void of effective numbers of living stem cells.