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June 29, 2018
Today - as with every Friday - is CAR DAY! We talk everything cars … sales … service … maintenance ...... (more)
July 8, 2018
Today, as with every Friday,  is Car day, using our Referral List experts to answer questions. While we never ... (more)
June 6, 2018
Michael (femaile) lives in Jacksonville, Florida and needs to drive to Chicago to be with family during her health crisis. However he Califonia driver's license has been confiscated by ... (more)
July 2, 2018
Today’s special guests were F... (more)
June 6, 2018
SUCCESS! If you follow the show you probably know about that cluster where a Florida woman (Michael) who is moving to Chica... (more)
June 28, 2018
Gigi Wink, from Wink & Wink, was our special g... (more)
June 25, 2018
Paul definitely had the most popular call that sparked many other calls. He said whenever he shops for airline tickets and ... (more)
June 21, 2018
AN UPDATE ON THE TEEN “PORNOGRAPHY” CASE WE EXPOSED IN PUEBLO! Wayne originally called us about his ex-wife, wh... (more)
July 12, 2018
The call that stood out today was from Leonard, who bought a commemorative guitar through the "Joe Bonnamasa" website, with the promise that he'd... (more)
June 20, 2018
Our expert guest on the show today was ... (more)
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