June 6, 2018
  • Michael (femaile) lives in Jacksonville, Florida and needs to drive to Chicago to be with family during her health crisis. However he Califonia driver's license has been confiscated by Indianna for a traffic ticket in Arizona. CONFUSED YET? Don't worry, we're working through it to help.
  • Robert had a timing belt replaced three years ago and it failed recently. He suspects the shop never really replaced it, so he wants them to pay for damages to his engine. Our expert examined photos and said the bely does not look original (meaning it was probably changed three years ago, as claimed). And he said the shredding damage looks like the result of something else on the engine seizing causing the belt to fail.  OOUR OPINION? He doesn't have a case.
  • Marsha is upset because the common area of her apartment building is unkept and unclean. Can she demand that the landlord address it?  Well, anyone can demand anything. But the laws of habitibility are very specific and do not address common areas unless they pose a serioius health or safety threat. OUR BEST ADVICE - there is strength in numbers. Get other tenants together to sign a letter and we will present it to the landlord.
  • Melissa took her Kia to Arapahoe Kia for a general service and an engine light and knocking sound. They said she needs an engine. Melissa said she got a second opinion from a "friend" who says her engine is fine. We tend to believe the dealer. Why would they refuse to do service otherwise? We are getting a third opinion from one of our auto experts from our Referral List.
  • Brian totalled his car and the insurance company wrote a check to him directly. Instead of paying off the loan, he bought another car.  A big mistake! Now, the nsurance company wants the title (to salvage the old car) but the bank still has it because the loan is still active! We are working to get Brian a loan on his new car, in order to pay off his old car to get the title to give to the insurance company!