July 12, 2018

The call that stood out today was from Leonard, who bought a commemorative guitar through the "Joe Bonnamasa" website, with the promise that he'd be entitled to a special 
"meet and greet" with the artist. As instructed he contacted the promotion company (J&R Adventures) 30-days in advance of his Red Rocks concert and was told all of the backstage tickets for that date were booked. He said she offered to schedule him for another concert. Leonard is upset. He is a working man and simply can't travel out-of-state to another concert. The promoter refused to accomodate him. Coincidently, we had a similar call from Wayne.  In both cases J&R said the fans are basically out of luck. Here's the most egregious part ... we foiund out that at the time of Leonard's original purchase ALL BACKSTAGE PASSES HAD ALREADY BEEN SOLD OUT!  That means, they were selling something these guys could not have used anyway! That is a crappy way to treeat loyal fans!

Our special guest for the day was Larson Tax Relief.