July 8, 2018

Today, as with every Friday,  is Car day, using our Referral List experts to answer questions. While we never have a one-topic show, Car Day is as close as we come to it. We gather all the motor vehicle inquiries from the past week and address them on this day. It's interesting, fund and educational. But, as always, consumers can call with any problem, question or complaint. 

Joe bought an engine online from a company in North Carolina ( His mechanic said the engine looked “damaged” and refused to install it because he did not want the responsibility. He asked the North Carolina company for his money back with no luck. He decided to install then engine himself. Now the engine is leaking oil. He wants to know what to do. According to their website, they offer a warranty, if installed properly. We will help Joe get the installation verified as “proper”, then fight for his rights under the warranty.

Phil is at the end of his auto lease and wants to buy his car. He went back to Larry H. Miller (who leased him the car) and they want to charge him a hefty $600 dealer handling charge on top of the $300 fee written in the lease. We found out that is NOT normal procedure. We hooked him up with people who can facilitate the sale without extra costs. In my opinion Larry Miller is an idiot for not closing the deal. They would’ve made a service customer, for sure, and possible for life. They would’ve also had this customer in the future when he decides to buy another new car. However, as it stands, they pissed him off and lost him for life.

Steve called with an update on that “crazy” neighbor in Pueblo. She was the one who would go outside her home and yell obscenities and make vulgar hand gestures at all of her neighbors. SHe was also accused of trying to run down her next-door neighbor with her car. After months of putting up with her harassment, Pueblo Police finally arrested her. After that, she pleaded guilty. Her sentence for Felony menacing is that she can not live in that neighborhood any longer. She must move!

Jeff is facing collecting from Home Depot for equipment that was rented and not returned. They want him to pay $1,835. He said he rented it for his employer, who kept it!  He wants to know what to do. We gave him a few scenarios that we would do. He could pay the bill, then go after his employer to pay. He could ignore the bill and argue his defense in court. He could demand that his employer pay it now!

Janet wants to know about ethanol in gasoline. Does it do harm? In short, newer cars are built with seals that can withstand ethanol (which is a grain-based alcohol). Older cars, say 12-years or older, may have problems. Long-term use could eat away the seals. It’s best to check with your manufacturer.

Darlene’s mom died in march and her attorney has the will. Darlene wants to know what to do. Here’s what our experts say: The absence of a will would put in lineage of inheritance. First her spouse, then her children. If her mom’s husband is not around, Darlene should open a probate and proceed as if there is no will. If the attorney then claims there is a will, he is obligated to produce it. Since has not been forthcoming, unfortunately, court action may be the only way to force him to product it.

Ernie  co-signed on loan for his friend’s son. He friend said he would eventually take over the loan. He has not done so. So now Ernie is trying to find the son to take over his own loan. We may be able to help the Ernie find the son, but good luck getting him to take over the loan. Unless there is some kind of written agreement in place, Ernie will have a very difficult time (if not impossible) forcing the guy to take over the loan. who's dad said he would take over loan.