June 21, 2018

AN UPDATE ON THE TEEN “PORNOGRAPHY” CASE WE EXPOSED IN PUEBLO! Wayne originally called us about his ex-wife, who snuck into his 13-year old daughter’s room in the middle of the night and videotaped the girl masturbating. Wayne says the woman was trying to build a case against the teen alleging that she was immoral and evil. She used the video to prove the teenage girl is “bad”! Wayne had called police and they confiscated the cell phone. But nothing was being done on the case. That is, until we got involved. We publicized the case and called both the Pueblo Police Department and the Pueblo County District Attorney's office demanding that they investigate the case further. According to all of our legal sources, videotaping that teenage girl is a crime! And so is showing the video to others. Finally, after weeks of hammering on them, authorities arrested the step-mom and charged her with three felonies!


Abraham discovered he has a “10% of dwelling value” for his deductible on his homeowners insurance policy. That makes his deductible $36,000 for this recent storm!  One of our legal experts, Attorney Marco Bendinelli believes this is unconscionable. In essence the insurance contract excludes all roof repairs since the entire roof will only cost $13,000 to replace. He believes the insurance company is showing “bad faith” and he offered to sue the insurance company on contingency.

Steve got out of prison in 2012 after serving 15 years for attempted murder. While in custody he served 5-years of his sentence in solitary confinement. He credits that experience in giving his life to God. Since his release he has been unable to “get a break” in housing and employment. He says he is homeless and without work because society is not really set up to help those who truly want to turn their lives around. We are working with Steve directly with referrals and counseling to see if we can make a difference in his life.

Josephine has hail damage to her roof and wanted to know the steps she should take. I suggested that she first confirm she has damage with a reputable roofer from  Then call her insurance company. Do not let the roofer know what the adjuster found. Instead make the roofer come up with a complete estimate on labor and materials for the damage. Then compare that with the insurance adjuster’s findings. If the two do not agree, then have them meet to hammer out a settlement. Do not trust roofers who will not give an estimate and only want to depend on the adjuster’s report. Why? Because adjusters do not always have your best interests at heart.

Matt has hail damage to his car and wants to know the process. Unlike with homes, when it comes to auto damage, get the adjust involved first. Then take the car to a reputable repair facility. If the paint is not damaged I recommend “PDR” (paintless dent repair). PDR preserves the car’s finish and value by not disturbing the original paint. One of the best PDR facilities is on our Referral List, called Flex-A-Dent.

Mitch says he went to arbitration years ago using an arbitration company called JAMS. He said their judge did not follow proper procedures and did not even render a final decision. Yet, Mitch can’t sue because he is required to go to arbitration and get a decision before he can sue! Mitch will have to sue the other party and when the other party brings up the arbitration clause, he’ll have to make the argument before the judge that arbitration was followed but yielded no results.

Rod says he wrote a check for $1340 to “Farmer and Betts”, a financial advisor. He said they were supposed to write up a retirement plan for his company. He said the company then backed out saying he was too much trouble, yet they won’t return his money. We are going to follow up with our financial and legal team to see if he is entitled to a refund.