June 27, 2018

Our special guests today were Brian Burns from Compass Insurance Group and Courtney Pierce from Buy & Build.

Compass Insurance Group periodically comes on the show to promote “Insurance Checkups”. That’s a service where consumers call our Insurance HelpCenter to compare their current coverage with the open insurance marketplace. More than not, our insurance experts are able to save consumers up to thousands of dollars a year. There is no charge nor obligation for this service.

Buy & Build was on the show to promote their periodic online auction. Prices were UNBELIEVABLE! Some floors went for pennies per square foot. Complete sets of beautiful Shaker kitchen cabinets were around a thousand dollars! Check out Roller Auction for Courtney’s Buy & Build auction along with many other local auctions.

Jim has been using Carbonite (a data backup service) for 4-years. Suddenly, he lost all of his data and Carbonite had no explanation! He said they offered him one-year of free service for his trouble. He believe he deserves, at least, a refund for services since the past four years of backing up has been for nothing. We agree with him. We are following up with Carbonite in an effort to get him a $700 refund for the past 4-years.

Chris called about Workers Compensation Insurance. His wife was injured at work many years ago and has been in surgeries and therapy ever since. The insurance company agreed to write a settlement check for $24,000 but his wife died before the settlement could be signed. The insurance company withdrew the offer. Now we are working to help him get a settlement for her estate, should she be entitled to one.

Gretta’s friend is a drywall contractor who says he is owed $43,700 by Pro Walls. However, Pro Walls claims they paid him. Gretta wanted legal advice to pass onto him. We got our collection expert attorney Frank Ball on the line to consult her. He said this amount dictates that he go to district court to sue, which is way too complicated for a “do-it-yourselfer”. He recommends that he hire an attorney. By the way, since the completion of work was several years ago, heis beyond the timeline to put a lien on any of the properties he work on.

Larry bought a new Sears refrigerator and shortly after the compressor broke down. He has been waiting several months for Sears to replace it. He says Sears keeps scheduling, then canceling appointments. We are going to fight for either immediate service or a complete refund!

Kim and Jackie got a collection letter letter for a debt that goes back to a 1994 debt. They are demanding more than $4000 or they say they will put liens on their properties. He wants to know what to do. Our experts say creditors lose their rights to take debtors to court after 6-years in Colorado. However, there is a possibility that the debt was converted to a judgement in the past. That is, if the creditor sued them and either won, or they failed to show up. Kim and Jackie do not remember either of those things happening. We recommended that they do a complete credit report and search of court records on their names to be sure there are no judgements filed. If there are no judgements, they do not have much to worry about. If there is a judgement, they’ll have to pay it or settle. If that’s the case it is imperative that they verify the people collecting payment are authorized by the creditor. In the past, we have found scams where people, posing as authorized agents for creditors, fraudulently collected money!

Megan rented a home from Invitation Homes and said they’ve had a lot of trouble. She said the home’s basement has black mold and they can’t use it. Even though Invitation Homes is currently making repairs, she doesn’t think she should have to pay full rent when she can only use half the home. And since the repairs will possibly take several weeks, she wants out of the lease. We are following up with the landlord for her.