June 28, 2018

Our special guest today was Gigi Wink, from Wink & Wink (bankruptcy attorneys).

In addition to answering calls from listeners, Gigi also explained the difference between filing bankruptcies under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. That discussion can be found here.

Remember Kim and Jackie who called about a collection letter letter for a debt that goes back to a 1994? The letter demanded more than $4000. We wondered if the creditor may have gotten a judgment for that debt and has kept it alive over all these years? It is possible. So before we told the couple to ignore the letter, we recommended they do a complete credit report and search of court records to be sure there were no outstanding judgements filed against them. They called today with an update. Their check found nothing! Therefore, Gigi Wink recommended she ignore the collectors. That’s because collectors cannot use the courts to get liens or judgements after 6-years in Colorado.

Earl paid for a Tuff-Shed April 13th and still has not gotten it built! We are on the case!

Dion’s car was stolen and recovered a week later. He is upset that he is responsible for paying for towing and storage of the recovered vehicle. Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes with victims of crimes. They are responsible for their losses until they go after someone in civil court to pay damages. Or, as in many cases, they collect from their insurance policy.

Roman bought an extended car warranty on a used car for $2,600! Now it won;t cover the repairs on his 2010 Ford F150. The warranty company is claiming they won;t pay because the mechanic did not get an authorization number. However, it could be that that the mechanic did not go through the proper procedure, like allowing a rep from the warranty company to inspect it. Who knows? We are investigating. One important tip here:  Always be sure to follow those policies to the “letter” when it comes to filing a claim. And in most cases, the truth is, used car extended warranties are not worth much! That’s because they don’t cover previous damage, previous wear and tear nor owner abuse. What else is there? Just manufacturer’s defects. And on most used cars and trucks, those defects are discovered long before these warranties are purchased. So they end up being useless!

Paul left his wallet in the car of a Lyft driver.  The driver emailed him saying he had the wallet but never sent it to him or made arrangements to deliver it. When he contacted Lyft, they gave him a tracking number. We are pursuing the case.

Sara reserved a Uhaul truck that wasn’t available when she arrived to pick it up on moving day. She was forced to rent two smaller vehicles. She said it was impossible to fit everything in those vehicles now she doesn't know what to do! A district manager for Uhaul happened to be listening to the show and called in! He said he would do everything in his power to make this right! We’ll keep you posted.

Doug’s daughter was renting out her place to a woman who rented part of it out to AirBnB. That woman is now gone. As a result, his daughter was fined by her HOA and she wants AirBnB to pay the fine. I told her to go after her former tenant. In our expert’s  opinion, AirBnB simply facilitated the rental and did not violate any agreement with the landlord. Rental property being subleased problem

Larry called to ask about “Unison”.   This is a company that buys part of your equity. They say you do not have to make any payments nor accumulate interest. Instead, you pay it back when you sell the home. At that time, the collect their share of the equity (based on what they had purchased). I don’t like it! I’m not saying it is a scam but I just think it is a short-sighted way to get cash. I recommended that Larry look into a reverse mortgage, which could be a better alternative.  I recommended Approval Reverse.