June 6, 2018

SUCCESS! If you follow the show you probably know about that cluster where a Florida woman (Michael) who is moving to Chicago could not drive there because her California license was confiscated by Indianna for an Arizona traffic ticket! Long story short … WE GOT HER LICENSE BACK! We were able to show that Michael paid her Arizona fine and that the “suspension” should’ve never been issued.

Baron says his luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is warped due to direct sunshine!  Wow, I thought that flooring was practically indestructible! Our expert, Buddy Mitchell (Simply Floors, Inc.) says the older LVT was not as durable. He said the newer style is more resistant to sunlight and heat. In this case, Buddy thinks it may be a bit of an installation problem making the situation worse. We are in contact with the floor contractor (Veteran’s Carpet) to work things out.

Kelly and her husband are building their dream home in Boulder County. They are “do-it-yourselfers”. Kelly called the show because they can’t find anyone to pressure test their in-home fire suppression sprinkler system. Shortly after calling the show, a guy from Colorado Fire Services (a private company) called and offered to test it! MAKING CONNECTIONS! That’s one of the best services this show provides.

Melissa’s husband went to the Rose emergency room for a toothache. They determined he probably had an infection and prescribed antibiotics. She called because she was shocked when she got the bill - $7,000! Sadly, there is not much she can do about it. This is a common complaint here on the radio show. BEWARE! ALL EMERGENCIES ROOMS ARE EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! You do not necessarily get what you pay for! All ERs have their basic charges that start at around $3,000. On top of that, you pay for each and every expert; each and every service; each and every pill, drop, cream or substance of any kind! In the past we have been pretty successful in negotiating these bills down a bit, BUT there are no guarantees! If you use an ER you could be held fully responsible for the full payment.

Joshua was going to sell his car to his girlfriend. But she did not pay him. So he had a key made and took the car back. Keep in mind, the title and registration was in HIS name. After he took the car, his girlfriend called police. The result? As outrageous as it sounds ... GLENDALE POLICE IMPOUNDED HIS CAR AND RELEASED IT TO HER! I find this almost impossible to believe. But he says it is TRUE!  Why would Glendale police do such a thing? Apparently, according to Joshua, the girlfriend has a forged title showing the car in her name. We are investigating.