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Alison was having car buyer’s remorse!  She wanted to return the new car purchase from O’Mera Ford, so she called my Troubleshooter Show. Allison's Car So what was wrong with her Ford Focus?   NOTHING!  So why did she want a refund?  She said she couldn’t afford the insurance on the car.  She said her insurance company considered it a high-performance car.  When we investigated we found there was much more to the story.

When we looked into this case, we found Alison’s insurance was not being hiked due to the Ford Focus, it was really due to her driving record.  She was caught speeding in the new car at over 100 mph!  That’s what my chief investigator Marc Mager found out when he researched the case.

Never the less, Marc called O’Mera to see if the deal could be dissolved in an amicable way – even though O’Mera had no obligation to do so.  We can’t believe how well they handled this situation.  They realized that her financing combined with her inflated insurance would be too much for her to afford, so they reduced the price of the car by $2,000!

Wow!  We have never had a dealer go to such lengths to make a customer happy!  Kudos to O’Mera.

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