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  • Aurora Orthodontics & TMJ

    We are able to provide treatment to patients of all ages through the practice of Dentofacial Orthopedics, the process of creating proper facial balance and dental/ TMJ function without the removal of permanent teeth. We offer a unique approach to orthodon ...

    14991 E HAmpden Ave Ste 300

    Aurora, CO 80014

    phone: (303) 690-0100

  • NEO New Early Orthodontics

    At NEO We are committed to the oral health of all ages and those with special needs.  NEO means not only new, but a new awakening of something better, even revolutionary.  It means replacing the traditional with a more enlightened approach

    9400 Station Street, Suite 100

    LOne Tree, CO 80124

    phone: (303) 690-0400