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It is safe to say that Tom Martino has heard more consumer problems, questions and complaints than any other individual in the world!  He has been taking daily consumer inquiries since 1975 … first by “snail” mail, then by telephone, then calls from radio listeners, then calls from TV viewers, then email, text, Facebook and any other way people can find to contact him!  Because of his unique experience in handling consumer problems, questions and complaints, Tom has been able to “catalog” cases into various business categories.  The result?  He is a storehouse of information on what makes consumer tick!  He knows what makes them angry;  he knows what makes them frustrated.  He knows what makes them happy; he knows what makes them sad.  This knowledge has made him a sought-after business consultant on lead generation, closing sales and customer retention.

Tom has also consulted top corporate executives and business owners around the country on topics concerning business strategies, branding, marketing, advertising and customer service.

If you wish to inquire about his services for your business, contact us!

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