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This situation reminds me of the “Hatfields & McCoys”, for those not familiar wth that story … it was about feuding families that fought each other nearly 30-years along the border of Kentucky and West Virginia.  So, back to present day … Mark called my radio show saying that his neighbors installed 8 cameras outside their home aiming over at his home.  He said they covered every part of his property:  front, back and sides!  He said it all started when he parked his “RV” in his driveway.  The RV happens to be a big 5-ton military truck. 

The neighbors admit they do not like Mark’s “RV”.  They say it is an eye-sore.  Mark then started complaining about their dogs, which he says are out all day and night barking.  Mark then accused his neighbors of sabotaging his “RV”.  He said someone put sand in the gasoline tank!

Mark’s neighbors says he ran his 5-ton tanker over part of their yard ruining their sprinkler heads.  Both parties argued on the radio show that they could tolerate each other’s actions.  Both parties have called the cops on each other for various “offenses”.

I bring this story up because it is one of many I have heard recently where neighbor versus neighbor.  These problems seem to be increasing.  The “ugly vehicle” or “junkie yard” arguments are common themes but so are “spying neighbors”

We have gotten several calls from people who complain about “spies”.  It seems that many neighborhoods have certain personality-types in common.  These people are constantly monitoring their neighborhoods.  They either use video cameras, or take pictures.  Some peer out windows with binoculars and take notes.  Others install large motion-activated spotlights.  The spies hate kids or a particular neighbor.  They continually complain to the HOA or police.  In some cases they “bully” the neighborhood by threats and intimidation.

Sound familiar?  I think the solution is EXPOSING these jerks.  Got a neighborhood bully?  Let us know about them, email us: live@troubleshooter.com.


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