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This one is a bit hard to believe. Borris Staff Sergeant Boris (active military)  took his Subaru to a Colorado Springs Jiffy Lube for service.  He had the fluid in his front differential changed.  When he left his transmission failed within 24 miles.  Why?  That’s what he wanted to know.  Since his car on had around 30,000 miles on it and was still under warranty, he had it towed to a nearby Subaru dealership.  They told him it would NOT be covered under warranty because the wrong fluid was put in his differential, causing it to fail, then bleeding into the transmission, causing that to fail too!  Logically he went back to Jiffy Lube.

jiffylubelogoJiffy Lube contended that they did not put in the wrong fluid and claimed they did not even stock the fluid that was found in his differential.  We found that interesting because they never even tested the fluid.

Boris called us in complete desperation.  It was going to cost him around $4,000 to get his car fixed.  I put my chief investigator Marc Mager on the case and he contacted Griffin Oil Company (Griffin owns around 60 Jiffy Lube franchises around Colorado).  Griffin refused to help in any way.  They maintained they did nothing wrong.

We consulted our attorneys to help Boris file a law suit in Colorado Springs.  Still, Griffin refused to help fully willing to take this to court.  To help Boris, we had the fluid analyzed by a special lab and we got one of our transmission experts and Referral List members involved, Mark Machoski from Budget A1 Transmission and Auto Repair.

On our day in court, Boris was armed and ready for battle!  Griffin Oil showed up with a representative and an attorney ready to settle.  By the time the whole thing was over, Boris got $5,000 — More than enough to do the repairs, plus make up for the loss-of-factory warranty on that component.

It is my opinion that Jiffy Lube (Griffin Oil Company in this case) was not going to do anything for Boris until they knew for sure that we were suing them.  What a terrible example of customer service!  To make a customer go through that much grief, then have to hire attorneys on both sides makes no sense.

CONSUMER WARNING!   I do not recommend Jiffy Lube stores owned and operated by Griffin Oil Company.  In my opinion they have shown that they do not care about their customers.



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