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CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION CONSULTANT Over the last 40 plus years Gary Johnson has acquired a wealth of information and knowledge to be a Construction and Renovation Consultant. Informing you on the proper procedures, forms and other items most contractors will not share with you. This information will give you the tools to make certain that you, the home owner have all the information and knowledge you need to insure your project is done properly, legally and to your satisfaction. Don’t try going it alone! Call today and see what Gary can do for you!searchGary Johnson is the sole owner of All Construction Consultants and has been in the construction trade since 1971. Gary joined the carpenters union in Southern California and graduated in 1975 as a journeyman carpenter and in 1976 became a carpenter foreman. He is a Licensed General Contractor mainly building large custom homes.


Serving all of Denver & Foothills
Aurora, Colorado
United States

Serving all of Denver & Foothills

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1 Review
Kathryn Friesen
Littleton CO

I’m so glad that Gary Johnson does what he does. As someone that has not had to deal with many construction workers at my house, I’m glad for his speedy response getting back to me about our little mishap. At this time we were able to handle things with a phone call but he is on my speed dial just in case. Kathryn

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1 Review



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