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Commercial and Industrial Metal Buildings

People choose Great Western to supply the buildings that house businesses, welcome customers and provide employees a place to serve your clients.

Agricultural Machine Steel Buildings

Ranchers, farmers, dairy producers and cooperatives – We have your steel building solution.

Folks in the agricultural industries need buildings that are versatile in use, affordable and most important - durable.

Great Western’s engineering and design team makes sure that your building is designed and manufactured to meet the demands of your region – however you’re going to use it. Whether we’re designing your barn, hay storage building or a building to house your machines and equipment, our goal is to make it easy to erect and affordable to own. This is what makes a Great Western steel building exceptional!

Steel Aviation and Airplane Hangars

Clear Span – the unobstructed span of a Great Western steel building hangar is perfect for aviation enthusiasts and airlines alike.

Churches and Religious Buildings

The clear span design capability of our steel buildings are perfect for large meeting spaces because there’s no interference from interior columns.

Government Buildings

Working with the Federal, state and local governments requires in-depth knowledge of how your various agencies operate. Great Western has experience working with General Contractors or with municipalities, states, or Federal agencies, directly.

Residential Steel Buildings and Barndominiums

If you are looking for the flexibility of completely unrestricted interior space, there’s really no other option than steel. Our clear span design means your home can have open, vaulted, even cavernous square footage that can be combined with the tighter build out of bedrooms and bathrooms.



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  • Church and Religious Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Government Buildings
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  • Home and Residential Buildings
  • Garage and Shops
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