Hope Haven Rwanda


We start by knowing, loving and teaching our young students. We then extend our influence by offering employment and literacy opportunities to their parents. We are a holistic campus setting, also equipping guardians of these children, with skills to be self-sustainable. Programs include: On the job training in construction, hospitality and agriculture; Adult Education in English, local language reading & writing skills; Church provided by Potter’s hand Ministry; and Savings Groups equipped with material from Hope International. This is all accomplished on a 10-acre campus setting. Susan Hollern, the Founder envisioned what could be, after attending a fundraiser in 2009 and serving in Rwanda in various ways over 2010 & 2011. God gave Susan a vision for equipping and serving families and youth. Poverty is complex. While disease and hunger require immediate attention, education and employability require a more visionary perspective. Hope Haven tackles problems on both sides of the spectrum. Our goal is to help the local families of Murindi stabilize today while equipping and empowering them to create a legacy of strong, productive futures for generations to come. Jesus Christ has given this organization a vision and continues to guide and give us wisdom on how to serve people by empowering and awakening their God-Given purposes! There isn’t a soul on this earth that came without a God given ability and purpose, we are here to awaken and equip through education and the love of Jesus!


2417 N Perry Park Rd.
Sedalia, Colorado 80135
United States

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