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We make it our job to try to understand what each client is going through so we can do our best to obtain the maximum recovery we can. This explains why insurance companies and corporations have paid more than $65 million in settlements and verdicts to our clients. We’ve successfully handled all kinds of personal injury cases and obtained the compensation necessary to help people get back on their feet financially and emotionally following an accident. We’ve helped people who’ve had surgery after a car accident, or a slip and fall at the grocery store or on ice at their apartment.

We’ve helped families whose lives have been turned upside down due to defective products like a heater exploding and birth injuries caused by medical malpractice. The truth is we are willing to go above and beyond for our clients, as you can read about in the three examples by clicking here. And because we look at each case individually, we have many times taken cases other attorneys have turned down and even cases where our client received a ticket – and We Have Prevailed! We’ve even forced insurance companies to pay 6 to 10 times their policy limits when they denied and low-balled claims.

Above all, we do what we do because we care about people. When all is said and done, we want every client to say they made the right decision by choosing Kidneigh & Kaufman and putting their trust in us to handle their personal injury claim.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. As we like to say, “Our Door is Always Open,” and you are under no obligation to do anything. There is no charge for an initial meeting and, in most cases, we work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we only get paid if you obtain a recovery. Come meet with us and learn more about the Kidneigh & Kaufman difference.


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25 Reviews
Expert's Testimony Client

Expert's Testimony in Support of Attorney Fee Award to a Kidneigh & Kaufman Client: First of all are you familiar with my reputation... I've known you on a professional basis for probably at least 15, 16, 17 years and I am familiar with your capability and insightfulness when it comes to legal issues that have to do with insurance related issues. You're one of the people in the community who I would put into the category as the go-to guy if you got a question.

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What Judges Have Said About Attorney Steve Kaufman

I think it was a very difficult case ... and you did an excellent job of representing your client and convincing the Court of Appeals that Judge Martinez was incorrect in his analysis. It's a very well thought out and specific and detailed analysis proffered by Mr. Kaufman on behalf of the Geigers. I strongly agree with the sentiments about C.R.C.P. 68 which are expressed by Stephen Kaufman in the attached article which appeared in the January issue of Trial Talk, and I think that the Civil Rules Committee should do something to re-draft the rule in such a way as to put some teeth into it - for both parties in a lawsuit. ... I think that most, if not all, of the judges in the state would agree that making some changes in Rule 68 along the lines proposed by Mr. Kaufman would assist the parties in settlement negotiations, and would certainly help expedite the resolution of cases.

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I Second That
Seminar Presentation /Legal Argument Presented

I nominate Steve for the Supreme Court. I second that. Steve, That was awesome. Do you know a decent mechanic near I-25 and 104th too? Five Stars. Would like to have heard more from this speaker. Thank you very much for your kindness in making such an excellent presentation. Very Interesting Excellent Outline Great Argument Smart idea to bring a chart to the Colorado Court of Appeals, Well organized. Letter to the Editor I just read the March 1997 issue of Trial Talk. Steve Kaufman has done a remarkable job, not only with respect to the content of the material he provides but the fact that his research forms the basis of an entire issue of the magazine. You and Steve are to be commended: he for the scholarship, research and work it took to put the articles together and you for the wisdom demonstrated in allowing it.

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25 Reviews


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