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Panacea Life is a vertically integrated, disruptive healthcare solutions company. Our purpose is to create a future where the human body can repair, restore, and rejuvenate itself.

Unlike a typical pharmaceutical company which creates synthetic drugs to treat symptoms, Panacea Life uses natural plant materials and compounds to address the underlying deficiencies and bring the body into homeostasis.

Starting with select active ingredients and combining them into specific medical delivery systems, Panacea Life can service doctors and patients in an entirely new way.


Many hemp oil products on the market today utilize an extraction process that requires the plants to be ground up. This destroys some of the quality of the oil and results in a less-than-pure product. Our proprietary extraction method preserves the integrity of the plant and the natural purity of hemp oil.


Dollar for dollar, our products deliver one of the highest concentrations of hemp oil extract available on the market. Not only does each tablet contain a high concentration, their melt-in-your-mouth delivery ensures that the maximum amount of hemp oil is absorbed into your blood stream.


Internal and external stressors can have a big impact on functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, hormone regulation, and pain and immune response. To manage these symptoms, many people turn to synthetically derived medicines with side effects that can be harmful, and even fatal.


One of the highest bioavailabilities on the market. This simply means that more of our sublingual tablet enters your system than many other types of products; i.e., swallowed tablets, tinctures, and patches. Click to learn more about bioavailability


Panacea Life Sciences’ solutions have been physician driven to provide a scientific approach to the advancement of restorative medicine.

We focus on the digestive system and its use to support overall physical wellness. To optimize the process of introducing natural agents into the human body, we start by carefully selecting high quality plants and then isolate and extract the naturally occurring chemicals. Our proprietary extraction processes ensure the purity of the active ingredients in our products, whether produced at a Panacea or partner facility.

We use these active ingredients to develop our custom formulations, which are combined with specific medical delivery systems to maximize absorption into the body. This process provides doctors and other medical professionals with accurate dosing, optimal delivery, and flexibility to tailor treatments to their patients’ needs.


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1 Review
It does work!

I’ve tried several CBD brands with little to no noticeable effects. I was afraid to try this salve thinking it might be the same. And yet...the arthritis in my thumb, the pain and tightness goes away immediately upon applying the CBC salve. I couldn’t be more amazed or happier with the purchase. Now I want to try the gummies.

April 2020

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1 Review


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