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Porch Pirate Lock Box is the solution to thieves stealing your vulnerable delivered packages! The days of unprotected delivered packages left on your porch are over! Porch Pirate Lock Box was developed after a package was stolen from our porch. Simply install Porch Pirate Lock Box on your Porch by screwing it to your house or lag bolt it to your concrete or composite deck porch so it cannot be carried off. Leave a lock on the hasp unlocked so your delivery person can open the box. They will place your packages into the Porch Pirate Lock Box, close the lid and lock the box. When you get home you simply open your lock and retrieve your packages! A simple solution to prevent Porch Pirates from getting your package. Porch Pirate Lock Box is made from 20  gauge steel that is riveted together and powder coated in several colors to create a strong, weather-resistant, secure box to protect your delivered packages. 



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