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Brian Hansen
Home Owner
This is the worst company to deal with. I have had this company out 6 times in the past 2 years to address a number of issues with a new boiler system that they installed. One the last visit they determined the issue was something that was outside of warranty and the estimate provided was over $1900. I did my due diligence and had another company come out to look at the issue and they promptly determined it was not what Applewood said was the issue, rather an issue that was directly tied to the new installation of the new system, (specifically the wiring and control board that was install
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As we showed after our most recent visit on Friday, the part with an issue is not a part we installed for the previous homeowners. Unfortunately, we cannot warranty the work of another company.
Mark Miller
Applewood Costs TOO MUCH
Applewood tried to charge me double what another company wanted for the exact same job.
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Steve Bradford
Fast Service
My water heater finally went out after 28 years and Stefan came and looked at it…he actually had one on his truck and came the next morning and installed new gas line and recipes all the plumbing…great service
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Great to hear! We're so pleased Stefan was able to get you back in hot water so quickly. We appreciate your business!
Rachel Quintana
Inferior Quality and Customer Service
DO NOT USE APPLEWOOD!!!! The company does not stand by their workmanship. I had Applewood install a shower fixture 3 years ago and replace the copper behind the wall and it is already leaking causing expensive repairs to my unit and the condos below. They charged over a $1,000 for this simple job! The company sent a tech out but they are refusing to fix the leak or provide any remedy. When I escalated to the service manager he was rude and offered no apology or support. Can’t believe they can stay in business.
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Hi Rachel - as we explained, we have found that the work we did in the past is unrelated to the new leak. We are happy to discuss further if needed.
Unbelievably lousy service
If I could give zero stars, I would. A previous customer, I called Applewood because my 41 gallon hot water heater, attached to my heating system, had gone out and needed to be replaced. A big, expensive job no matter what. Applewood wanted $30 just to give me an estimate! What a joke. I don’t care if it’s deducted IF you have the best deal and I choose you. They are unwilling to compete by providing free estimates for big jobs. Bye Applewood!
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Not happy!
Rip off!!!! approximately $1200 more than everybody else for the repairs that were done at my house on my furnace. I would avoid them at all costs! Caveat emptor! I cannot say how strongly I do not recommend them! I am a very unsatisfied customer! They did refund part of the bill, however even with the refund they were much higher than everybody else! Avoid them at all costs! They will have no problem taking advantage of you also!!
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Applewood Plumbing
Great customer service, prompt, polite, and hard working!!!
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Rick Parsons
I have used Applewood for about 15 years. The employees are always professional, competent, and have a good eye towards keeping their clients aware of what may or needs to be done (granted, this is also a sales technique, but I don't feel that I am being snowballed in any way). In my opinion, this is the place to call.
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review 7889
We appericate how great and efficent job that applewood job. They always send a picture of the repair person and their credentials in this day and age this makes you feel secure.. We always recommend applewood to our friends. Applewood always cleans up their work area, throwing all trash away and if they have to move anything out of their way they put it back. We had another company put item in for us and never again we will only use applewood.
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arlene williams
Excellent Service!!!
I was very pleased with the service I received from Applewood. They are very ''customer pleasing'' oriented. I will recommend them to everyone I know and use their service in the future. Im glad there are still companies that provides a quality dependable service.
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