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Budget A-1 Nationwide Transmission and Auto Repair
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May 19, 2022
use A-1 transmission
Budget A-1 did an extensive evaluation of a shifting problem on our car. They let us know that they could not repair the problem with certainty and gave us an alternative recommendation. They did not charge us and were alway very professional. I would use them or recommend them anytime.
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Robert Bruce
February 11, 2022
Scott and his guys are the best.. Scott's customer service is outstanding and others could learn from him.... Thanks for all your hard work with my work truck...
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September 10, 2019
My stepson's Jeep is getting up there in mileage. These cars can be a challenge if not maintained properly. No problem, I use Budget A1! Mark's philosophy is to make customers for life. And he instilled that in Scott and his crew. They all meld together as a team, pooling their knowledge of vehicles. They are especially knowledgeable of older vehicles and technologies. I feel confident when I drop off any vehicle.
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August 28, 2019
'05 Tacoma Gets Life Extension
After 282K miles, Tacoma manual transmission jumped out of gear. I knew it needed repair. After listening to the Troubleshooter show, and learning about Budget A-1, decided they would be a good shop for the diagnosis and repair. They recommended tranny rebuild, replacement parts, new clutch and u-joints. Best decision ever. Old pickup truck shifts better than when it was new. Very satisfied and would recommend Budget A-1 to anyone. Courteous treatment and technical excellence in the repair.
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July 12, 2019
No Call Back
I am extremely disappointed with Budget A1 Transmissions. I made a appointment for a Wednesday at 9:00 AM to have a problem with my Duramax Allison transmission looked at. I told them I thought it was an electrical problem and was told to bring it in. When I brought it in Scott told me I would have an estimate by noon. I didn’t get a call so I called Scott at 3:00 PM and was told they drove it, it was an electrical problem and they were not a electrical shop, that they would get it on the first lift that was available and let me know if they were going to work on it or if I would have to take it somewhere else. I received no call back so I called at 9:30 the next morning. Scott answered the phone and told me it was the same as yesterday, with a bit of a attitude, said he would call me. No call the rest of Thursday and Friday. I called Monday at 9:00 AM Scott said he didn’t know what was going on with my truck. I asked can you find out. Was told he would and call me back. No call back again. I went to the shop talked to Scott and Mark. Mark told me that he told Scott not to take electrical problems in. We agreed I should take it somewhere else.
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July 2, 2019
I highly recommend this business because they are friendly, HONEST, and very resonable. Also quick!
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May 26, 2019
Excellent service
We took a used car we were considering buying to this business for an inspection, based on the recommendation of Troubleshooter.com THANK YOU! All of the staff were friendly, courteous and professional. My daughter and I were both treated respectfully, so greatly appreciated! I recommend this business wholeheartedly!
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January 10, 2018
Thank You everyone.
I just had my vw golf towed here, My mothers friend works for Tom Martino and suggested I have my car looked at by a reputable shop that has years of experience in foreign vehicles and not out to steal your hard earned money. Im a 24 year old single dad of a 6year old son Im ashamed to say I took my car previously to be repaired at a transmission shop (whom I wont name just yet) that offered a 100,000 mile warranty as my funds are limited and almost none at times. Cost me over a couple thousand dollars of all my income tax to get it fixed less then 6 mo ago and sorry to say its been back to that shop for warranty work 3 times this last time they had it for 2 months and it still is not drivable, not to mention the 2 dents it had when I finally got it back and probably costing me my job as I have missed some work. My wonderful neighbors rallied together to pay for my car to be towed to Budget A-1 after I was told about there work ethics and awesome reviews. They were more then kind and understanding when my neighbor made the appointment for me. They even said they would run diagnostics for free. Thank You, Thank You everyone.
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January 10, 2018
review 3934
I brought my 2000 Ford Windstar back in late June. I've had many nightmare encounters with mechanics and was very skeptical of this crew when I arrived. They were friendly, courteous and thorough and worked with me to fix my transmission at a price I could afford. We were able to afford our trip to Disneyland because of their good work and help with our budget, and the van ran like a champ. We logged over 2,500 miles on that rebuild and we're still going strong after all these months. I waited to write a review until I knew my van was ok. Because of the team's great work, my work of hospital visitation is going smoothly as is my secular work as a rep for Sam's Club. Thanks so much guys!
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January 10, 2018
...they will now be my place to go...
We usually take our cars to the dealer or my brother who is very handy with cars. My teenage son's 2001 Civic was making a noise by the front wheel and the washer reservoir was leaking. I found A-1 on Tom Martino's website and they will now be my place to go - no more dealer prices! Shane and Mark were so nice and professional. In the end, my brother decided to do the work and even after that they were so kind. The washer reservoir was not leaking, they found it was a hose instead and just replaced it at no extra cost. I will return in a few days to have them align the car. My car's warranty just expired, so I will be calling A-1 for any car needs in the future. THANK YOU!!
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