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CrackerJack Mud Jacking
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Leif Erricson
October 19, 2023
I am surprised to see cracker jack on your referral list. We used the company about 10 years ago and the owner operator did a breat job so we hired the company again last year to raise a patio slab. They pumped the slurry into the hole so rapidly the concrete slpit in several locations. There was no apology from the two guys who packed up and left in a hurry not even bothering to clean up the mess they had made with excess slurry in the grass and on the driveway. I did not call you then but wish I had. Just info in case you get more complaints as I am sure you will.
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September 9, 2019
Front Porch
Came out and bid a re-mud jacking job from another company that lasted about 5 years. Bid was 75% of previous job and re-positioned slab looks great. I was concerned about support under one portion of the slab because of a hollow sound and new crack. Cracker Jack came back out and positioned a camera to verify support.
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