David Salsbury, Attorney at Law

David Salsbury, Attorney at Law
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I "TRUST" SALSBURY (pun intended!)
I love David's flat-rate pricing! I had Salsbury do my trusts and he is updating my will. He is smart, and fast. Unlike so many attorneys, David does not "run up the bill" with senseless charges. He works efficiently to get everything done for one flat price - quoted up front! A pleasure to do business with him!
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The Best
This guy is absolutely THE BEST. Wonderful person.Explains everything. Kind, caring, professional. Good price too.
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Toni Busse
After father in law passed away, we found out that all his accounts were set up with a POD. We didn't have any idea what that meant or if a will would override a POD. I called like 8 different law offices asking just that simple question '' does a POD overrides a will?'' ALL law offices will not help me, the receptionists are the ones that answeered the phone and lawyers would not answer a simple question without charging you about $200 just to see their stupid faces. DAVID SALSBURY was the only one!! that returned my call and answeered my question for FREE over the phone. Thank You David!! I will go to David for future neccestities on this matter and avoid all the rest like the plague.
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June Amicucci
David was absolutely helpful and honest. I would recommend him to anyone needing this type of help. Thanks again David for everything June and Robert
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Lesa Peyton
Helpful and Kind
I had several questions concerning my parents estate and taxes. Mr. Salsbury kindly helped me understand the situation at hand and gave me professional and honest advice. I must tell you, I got his name and number from Tom Martino's referral list. When I phoned his office, Mr. Salsbury immediately took my call and did not hesitate to answer my very pressing questions. There's a reason he is on Tom's referral list. Thank you so much. We appreciate good people like you.
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Betty Tyrrell
Great Attorney
I called David Salsbury for advice in settling my sister's estate. Even though it was a small estate and she lived in Texas, he spoke with me at length. He was not only very helpful during that phone call, but did some research and referred me to a wonderful attorney in Texas whom I trust. We have a will already written, but I'm putting this attoney's name in our family trust book for our daughter to contact when our time comes.
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Valerie Lopez
David Salsbury is EXCELLENT!
What a wonderful experience and consultation I had with David. I felt David went above and beyond my expectations. Answering the many questions on my dad's estate. Your thoughtfulness showed as you shared details of what needed to be completed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. Your kindness and warmth meant so much! YOU are the BEST!!
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