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Ken D
July 20, 2023
Home Owner
We were so excited about getting and having our patio covered. RIGHT after getting it done there was issues with coloring and flakes. Then cracks started showing and we were told warranty only covers cracks 1/4 inch or bigger. We’ll hear we almost one year to date with cracks and bubbling. Have sent a minimum of eight messages to Tony the owner and not even a message or call back. The company offers a twenty year warranty but it’s as good as a blank piece of paper. I will hold this as a true statement until I get a response back. Guarantee I will take other actions before I loose $14,000
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Scott Gardner
February 27, 2021
Garage Flooring
TJ (Tony) Joiner with Garage Kings in the Colorado Springs/Denver area did an amazing job with revitalizing and transforming our garage floors. We are so happy and impressed, a great value for the price with a 21 year warranty. Our garage floors were super dirty and in bad shape with cracks in the joints and oil stains. We went with the quicksilver polyaspartic flake floor coating. The job was completed in one day. The floor coating dried supper quick and we started walking on it after 24 hours and parking on it again after 48 hours. Great customer service and very Veteran friendly.
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Ryan Barr
February 2, 2021
Garage Flooring
I was lucky enough to receive my garage flooring through a special military giveaway Garage Kings hosted. I was able to get my entire garage floor done and it came out amazing. They were on time, professional and kept their word with everything they offered. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality work. This was such a great opportunity and I am thankful to have had a great company give me amazing flooring in my "space", my garage!
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November 11, 2020
Great Product
Awesome outcome, our patio and garage look brand new and nothing stains this product. Just hose or power wash and oil and anything else is gone. Easy to shovel snow as well.
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Brenda Rawal
November 6, 2020
Great Job!
Had contacted Tony of garage Kings after hearing about his work on the troubleshooter show. He came out to take a look at my front patio and step. We had a slight miscommunication but that was cleared up quickly and satisfactorily. Tony and his crew came out and completed the job and I am very very happy with the results. I highly recommend this company.
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Kris Escalante
July 31, 2020
Advice from Garage Kings
I am so pleased with the help that I received from Garage Kings. I have excessive spalling on my driveway and TJ provided his expert advice on options on how this may be addressed with actions Garage Kings could take as well as pointing me to a concrete repair company since my concrete problem is excessive. Thank you very much to Garage Kings, and a personal thank you to TJ for your expert and detailed advice as well as a thank you to TJ for your military service! I love that Garage Kings is a veteran-owned company.
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April 9, 2020
Patio looks beautiful
Tony and his crew did a great job transforming our ugly back concrete patio into a lovely space. Tony goes the extra mile to ensure you get the right result!
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