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December 8, 2019
Professional and personable
The gentleman that took care of our house and our families needs knew how to get the job done!! He knew what he was doing with his communication and expertise was impeccable. We truly appreciate his professionalism. He did an awesome job. We appreciate the speediness of his work, yet no corners were cut. Fast, friendly and professional. The job was fairly large, yet the price was very reasonable. Thank you for a great job!!!
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It was great meeting you and working for you Richard. Thank you for your review.
November 21, 2019
Dan was the BEST and I would definitely hire him again in the future. He was professional...friendly..very knowledgeable..explained everything to me...great guy! Great company!
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We appreciate your great review Ruth. Thank you. We value having you as one of our clients.
September 25, 2019
Great service
Dan was extremely thorough and was able to complete the job even though I have a very tight crawl space. He cleaned all ducts, furnace and dryer vent. He left the house spotless. I would 100% recommend Gekko.
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I am very thankful Max for this review. We appreciate your trust in us. Cheers!
September 10, 2019
I used Gekko on two of my homes and Dan and son did a great job! My dryer never worked better! And my furnace ducts were in desperate need of a cleaning. Once Gekko got into my home, dust has been reduced and the air smells cleaner. Plus, he provided furnace filters that are spectacular. I recommend Gekko to anyone needing their dryer vents or furnace ducts cleaned. They are thorough, neat, and professional. Well worth the money.
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I am glad you are please with our work Tom. And thank you for taking the time to write this great review for us. You are great to work with.
August 27, 2019
Not what I expected
Dan was quick to respond and I decided to go ahead and pay $730 to clean my ducts. Dan asked if there were any wires in the ducts, to which I said I was quite sure there were not. Turns out there was 6 inches of the thermostat wire in one return duct and his cleaning cable got stuck and was severely tangled in the wire. We had to cut open the drywall and duct in the basement ceiling to free the cable and rewire the thermostat. That cost me $550 not including 8 hours of my time. Dan's response was basically not my problem and in fact, he said I owed him $160! I would suggest you steer clear of Gekko.
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I properly cleaned for 7 hours Jeremy's home using our rotary brush. Before I cleaned I told Jeremy that we are not responsible for wiring inside the ducts. This is out of code and impossible for anyone cleaning with a spinning brush to avoid getting tangled especially when you can't see the hidden wiring. Jeremy told me there are not any wires in any of his air ducts. Unfortunately my $500 cable got damaged when the brush indeed got tangled. I spent a couple hours trying to get my cable unstuck but could not. I did everything right on this job. I made no mistakes. I gave Jeremy what he paid for and did it well. I never told Jeremy anything like "this is not my problem". I offered and even went in person the next day to extract the cable myself so Jeremy would not have to pay anyone. Jeremy insisted on having his contractor do it which I understand. But I don't believe I owe Jeremy anything for this. I suffered a loss of the damaged $500 cable and several hours of my time as well, but I didn't try to get Jeremy to pay me for any of this until he tried to tell me I owed him $550 almost a month after the incident. I told Jeremy that IF he wanted to do it his way, then I would also have to ask him to pay me for my losses as well which amount to about $160 more than he wants me to pay him. I also told him I would rather just forget my loss and walk away. Move on, let it go. Jeremy's response to this was to give me this bad review. Thankfully I get to reply to them. I wish Jeremy well.