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January 14, 2020
Greeley furnance
An 89.00 diagostic fee should have been my first red flag and is a sign of a scamming company. I used Greeley Furnance because they were the closest company to me on the Tom Martino referral list. Lulu said its 89.00 plus the parts. We knew the furnance igniter was bad and cost about 50.00 bucks for a new one. We showed the technician the problem, he turned the furnance on and off once then spent 15 minutes looking at prices on his computer then said it's 249.00 for the part 338.00 total but he'll vaccum and clean up furnance too (oh gee) now I'm annoyed, after much anguish I approved the 15 minute installation 15 minutes vaccuming and 30 minutes of system checks, more annoying, Just another crappy company marking up one part over 200.00 and taking advantage of people. My fault for believing in Tom martino's referral list and not doing more research.
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I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you regarding your concerns about pricing. I’m truly sorry for your frustration and will try to explain and address your concerns. Many people today may not understand the cost and responsibility involved in providing service, repair, and/or replacement of your heating and air conditioning systems today. We always relate up front to our customers of a $89.00 fee when scheduling a service call. This covers the cost of our technician traveling to your home and diagnosing the issue with your system. Believe me if a company does not charge a diagnostic fee, they make it up in the repair bill. We just feel up front honesty about our fees are the best policy. It cost an HVAC company much more than $89.00 to travel to your home and spend time diagnosing your heating system. In your review you stated that you had already determined that the hot surface ignitor had failed. That was correct, however, what you might not understand is that several issues can cause this component to fail. You also stated that he looked on his computer for several minutes looking at prices. We currently carry 20 different hot surface ignitors due to different manufactures compatibility requirements. We must make sure the correct component is installed in your system to ensure continued operation. Our technician was not looking up the price but the correct replacement part. We do not charge by the hour but charge, based on industry standards, for the type of repair also known as “Flat Rate Pricing”. This actually protects our customers from unexpected expenses as we quote a flat price for the repair no matter if it takes longer to correct the issue. We also get prior approval before completing repairs. Although you refused to sign authorization for repair you had our technician complete repair and paid for the service. I mentioned earlier that several different issues can cause certain components to fail. With this particular component issues such as bad control board, damaged wiring, dirty combustion area, simple wear, and others. If we do not investigate these possible issues and just replace the part it may fail again and you would surely expect us to cover the return service repair call. In addition, you stated that you were able to find this part on line for $50.00. You must realize this is whole sale pricing from internet supply houses. Not to mention shipping cost and time it takes to ship to your home (which is without heat). Retail on this part ranges from $100.00 to $120.00 plus taxes. Not to mention the fact that we have it on our van ready to install that evening (that has value also). After going through the required checks to determine the cause for your failure, the technician determined that due to the extremely dirty combustion area it caused the hot surface ignitor to overheat and fail. In addition, the dirt was causing incomplete and unsafe ignition process. So, cleaning your system, although you replied “oh gee” was required to prevent a second failure and/or safety issues during the ignition process. So now it is several days later and your house is warm, although if you would have ordered the part online it would have probably just arrived and you now get to install it. That too has value. Our technician spent a total of 3 hours on your call. Approximately 20-30 minutes’ drive time and 2 plus hours working on and cleaning your system, with a total bill of $338.00. You always have the option of refusing the quoted repair. I hope you now see that your total invoice was actually not over priced but a great value, and that your frustration was just a misunderstanding or maybe even poor communication on our technicians’ part. I would look forward to discussing this with you over the phone or in person if you would prefer. Greeley Furnace Company has been serving Weld County since 1958. We have highly trained technicians and spend thousands each year in continued training. As always, our client’s safety and comfort take top priority and we refuse to cut cost and risk your comfort and safety. Scott Stevens 970-356-0121 Owner, General Manager Greeley Furnace Company
July 9, 2019
great Company
Absolutely unheard of to call an HVAC company at 8:00am in July and have a technician at 10:30am ON THE SAME DAY. Turned out that my tenant had turned the breaker to the compressor off, so no repair needed. Tech still tested the whole system cleaned the disconnect box and offered advice on maintenance.
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