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Honest Accurate Auto Service-WEST
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Jennifer Bang
Good People
We recently purchased a vehicle from a dealership, and while we loved the vehicle, we still felt a bit shady from the dealership. To make sure the vehicle was on the up and up, we looked up a service close to us, which happened to be Honest Accurate Auto Service. They did a bumper to bumper service and an oil change. They were very communicative thruout the process. The serviceman who did the work even left a notecard in our car afterward, introducing himself. We will be taking our vehicles from here on out.
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Taralyn Quigley
Thank You Taralyn
We have 3 Honda vehicles. The team at Honest Accurate has been phenomenal in maintaining our little ''fleet'' to keep them in top condition. The atmosphere in the shop is second to none. Service, dependability & knowledge of care for the vehicles we have brought in has been terrific. Always less than dealership prices. Everything has always been explained in detail & all my questions answered. If I needed a ride while a vehicle was being worked on, the courtesy shuttle was right there to drop me off where I needed to go. My vehicles get a spruce-up rinse and vacuum before they're given back to me as well, a nice touch! It is clear that the folks at Honest Accurate care about more than making a buck. :-) Thank you!
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Debbie Christian
a good repair
Who can say they look forward to getting their car serviced? ME, and anyone who takes their car to Honest Accurate, I'll bet. They chose the perfect name for their business. The only adjective missing is Friendly! I know when I go there, they will fix what's wrong and nothing more. They do it quickly and kindly, and for far less than I ever have had to pay at a dealership service center. Once, when I had to leave my Honda Pilot overnight, the owner of the shop drove me home! When I picked it up the next day, it was sparkling inside and out [which made me really happy since I live on a dirt road in Black Forest and my car is rarely clean!] There are certain things in life that make you smile--a good dentist, a good beautician, and a good auto repair shop. I have all three, lucky, lucky me!
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Todd Gillespie
Highly recommend
I have been taking my work truck to Honest Accurate Auto. They have always handled my needs and kept me informed through the process. They actually took the time to bring me into the shop, and show me the problems that they where seeing with my truck. Never any up-sell, they are honest about what needs to be done, and what can wait if need be. Very good communication between the shop and front desk. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of vehicle service.
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Erin Saunders
I have always had an exceptional and pleasant experience with this company. I never leave feeling cheated, disrespected or mislead. They are always friendly and welcoming from the minute you call to make an appt till I drive away (knowing my car is in tip top shape).
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Betty Babcock
Don't argue with a potential customer What in the world makes you think i want to come and go through another long line of bs? I just wanted a few things fixed. I have 3diffrent inspection reports on hand and i gave you the bare minimum of what they had in common. You lost my business and I'm going to tell the guy at work that pointed me in your direction to stop going to see you too. Stop being rude!!!!
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Christopher Reese
I will be back
Had my vehicle into the shop twice and both times I have received excellent customer service and repairs. They are priced lower than most competitors and provide quality work, plus if you buy the parts they are willing to put them on for you. I will be back and refer anyone who needs automotive repairs. Thank You
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Catlin Novak
Good Pricing
We've been going to Honest Accurate Auto for 2+ years for general maintenance and repairs on our Subaru Outback. We have always had excellent customer service, fast turn-around times and we've found their pricing to be slightly less than other shops in town we've contacted. They were referred to us by a friend and we are always happy to pass on the recommendation!
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Stephen Sanchez
I'm a loyal customer
We are new to the springs and weren't sure where to take our 2009 mariner when the check engine light came on. I was able to trouble shoot the problem myself but it was beyond my limited abilities to repair. My wife took the car in to honest accurate auto service and they were absolutely professional and honest. I had to leave for work and they called me to discuss what they found wrong and discussed the repairs with me. They advised a couple extra items to repair that literally cost about 10 dollars extra for parts and no extra labor since they were already in the area of the engine. I knew the cost of the parts so I knew they were being helpful and honest. I have had issues before with attempts to sell unnecessary items to me and this was not even remotely the case. They were efficient, fast and fair with all of their service and our car is running great. I would recommend anybody to take their vehicle to honest accurate auto and we will be back again if we have another issue with our car. They have earned a loyal customer as long as we live in Colorado Springs!!
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John Willcockson
only shop we use
Great work and service by Honest Accurate at their Nevada Mesa (West) location: 4 and 1/2 stars. H-A is the only shop we let
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